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The last entry i wrote was entry 439.

I should have checked. I'd *much* rather have that entry qualify for my "entry mod 20 = 0" memory set because it's an actual Meaningful Entry, but thems the breaks.

Then again, *this* entry qualifies for the "entry mod 20 = 0" set, and since i'm using it to talk about the fact that the last entry was meaningful, this is an indirect pointer to entry 439, so it all works out.

What I should really do is use entry 460 or 480 as an entry to list a bunch of entries throughout my journal that i find meaningful. But i suppose that's what memories are supposed to be for in the first place. Maybe i should just go through my journal and start making more memories.

Then again, for those of you that came late to my journal and don't want to have to sift through all of my crappy entries, having a listing of entries that I think are useful to know more about me and my past than you already may know could be useful.

In typical Mendel fashion, that feels like a selfish act - to say, "here's what i think is important from my past, i want you to read it." Then again, the selfish statement would replace "want" with "demand" or something similarly absurd... if i make such an entry, you could choose to read it or ignore it as you please. So maybe it's not a selfish act as much as a self-indulgent act. Perhaps egotistical.

hm. That's a big deterrent for me.

still it's an interesting idea for a project, though. maybe i'll still do it anyway... at entry 501 just to avoid the Big Round Number. Hopefully no one will think i'm more of a self-indulgent egotistical asshole if i do.



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