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how laundry turns into violence

It's hard for me to take the time to do my laundry since there isn't a washer/dryer hookup in my apartment complex, which means i have to go to a laundromat. And since the laundromat has high-powered triple load machines, I usually wait until all of my laundry has been exhausted before I do it.

I put off doing my laundry until this past sunday. The original plan had been to get up early to do it before i had to go in for work, but that didn't happen, so I ended up not going until about 17:45. It was a pretty hot day, so once I got done putting my stuff in the washer, i decided to stop by Hirons to get some water, but alas, they closed at 18:00 and i got done putting all of my stuff in at about five minutes past.

The thought came to me that the Blockbuster probably sold cold beverages, so i walked there. After i exchanged a "hello" with a fairly attractive female worker, I decided to rent the first DVD of Now and Then, Here and There, an anime that had captured my eye before.

I watched all of the DVD today, and i have to say that it's a powerful series. After I watched it, I decided to look around on-line to see what people thought of it, and It's gotten rave reviews (basic plot description in that one).

What strikes me the most about this particular manga is how well it portrays the various main characters. Each character emits their own strong sense of personality, and how those personalities interact with each other are very effective. But what makes the character development outstanding is not just the personalities themselves, but the clear yet subtle display of personality change potential in the characters. The ship is run by a mad king whose second in command is a female named Adelia. Adelia's character is strong-willed, yet she always submits to the whims and commands of the mad king, no matter how abusive he is. It reminds me of Braca's relationship to Scorpius. Braca suffers some abuse being Scorpy's yes-man, he gets praised by Scorpy for his loyalty, and then before you know it, Braca turns around and betrays him. I can see Adelia doing something similar, yet i'm not confident to say so assuredly in the same way that I was convinced that Braca would turn his loyalty.

The anime is pretty dark - violent and harsh, although the main protagonist's personality and sense of justice keeps it from spiraling too far down the depressive atmosphere. The story so far is very compelling, and i really dig the music.

I'm not sure if there was anywhere else i was going with that. I'm tired as all frell, so i think it might be time to sleep. God, what a half-assed entry.


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