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the perception of athletics

don't get me wrong, i do have a great respect for what professional athletes do. I'm a big hockey fan, a pseudo-football fan, big into college volleyball and billiards.

But this still bothers me. Last night on SportsCenter they did a small segment paying tribute to the pilot of the Columbia. I wasn't sure why they were doing it until they started talking about his athletic life before going up into space. I guess he was some sort of cross-country runner, and he had a coach that inspired him, and blah blah blah.

I mean, that's all fine and good, but what about the others? What if one of them was a virtuoso violinist in college? What if one of them was an office worker who volunteered at a local soup kitchen? Granted, it *was* SportsCenter, so it makes some sense why they would want to focus on the athlete of the group, but it's just another reminder to me how easy it is for high school football games to make it on a popular channel on the telly like ESPN, while any kind of art, even athletic art such as DCI or ballet or whatever has to resort to public broadcasting.


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Feb. 11th, 2003 01:38 am (UTC)
ms. a and sports
now you KNOW i have an opinion on all things sports! i had a friend once say to me, "i don't understand how someone as artistic as you can be so into sports." that said, i agree that there is too much emphasis on sports at the expense of the arts. the former is viewed as woven into the fabric of society whereas the latter is deemed frivolous--the first thing to suffer in times of depression. people will still watch their sports but won't go to that play or that concert as readily. i'm not going to go off on the state of the arts today as this is your journal, not mine, and because it's a completely different subject.

as for the espn thing, that's their angle--sports. consider it a form of 'three americans died in an accident in iceland today along with fifty-seven icelanders.' they always have to cover the local angle which for espn is sports. i don't like espn in general because most of their announcers are obnoxious, not to mention sexist.
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