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tired, a bit bored.

contemplating sleep, but... there are reasons i don't. well. one reason right now.

so i lied about not playing DDR today, but i didn't play much. got a couple decent scores. Tried to get another AAA, but didn't. *shrug*

There were a lot of little kiddies there when i was playing running around being Kids, but there was one kid in particular who stood out. i'm bad at judging young age, but i want to say this kid is a middle schooler, maybe 6th grade. He said that he was good friends with this guy named Zack who has been playing DDR every day at the ATAM for a while.

This kid was awesome. He wasn't afraid to come up to me and talk to me since he saw that i was a decent DDR player, and he watched me play. he didn't want to play on the other machine while i was playing because he thought it would bother me. And after i was done one round of play, he had me watch him play. He's still learning, but he impressed the hell out of me. He said that he never tried it until last week, and he can already comfortably pass Speed Over Beethoven on light. He can do most anything up to 3 feet, and the occasional 4.

at one point, he invited me to play with him, and i said, "i don't like to play on this machine." He asked me why, and i said, "well, the other machine is in better condition, and it's also owned by a friend of mine - he gets money whenever anyone plays it, so i try to help him out." the kid looked at the other machine and said, "i think i'll start playing on that one too."

eventually we did play together because the more i interacted with him, the more i liked him. Sharp kid, enthusiastic, but not overbearing. We played two sets, one on each machine, and he said, "yeah... this machine feels a lot better than the other one." He made me pick all of the songs, and it didn't take me long to figure out that he felt more comfortable doing 2 or 3 footers that were around 150-160 bpm. And it also said something about his personality that he was willing to try out new things, constantly looking for new challenges as opposed to doing the same songs over and over again. The couple of games i watched him play, he only played the same song maybe twice, one of which was Cartoon Heroes Light because he failed it the first time and wanted to pass it really badly.

I wish i would have thought to ask him his name. Although i bet i'll see him there again.


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