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a flawed sexual analogy

recently on randomquestions, someone asked a question that i was reply number eighteen to, and i think it's worthy enough of a repost here because i'm selfish and self-centered.

The question:

one of my guy friends said today that all guys can jerk themselves off better than any girl ever could, and that she should just spare the agony and just suck his dick or fuck him. i got to thinking, and i was just wondering if any guy feels the same? and girls - are you offended by this? do you consider yourself pretty good at giving hand jobs - or would you just take HIS advice?

My answer:

i think that the statement has flaws in it.

There's something very different about giving yourself pleasure vs. someone else which has nothing to do with skill. it has to do with the ability to monitor. i mean, if a guy could give himself oral sex or fuck himself, chances are he'd be better at it than someone else giving it to him too for the same reason.

here's the way i see it:

any guy can jerk themselves off better than anyone *else* can (male or female), in the same way that any person can know whether or not they've, say, eaten their fill of food. If someone else was feeding the guy food, they could, after practice, make a pretty good guess as to whether or not the guy is full or not, but they'd *never* know as well as the guy would.

and that's not really the point, is it? to ask someone else to be able to give a handjob as good as they can give themselves is just... stupid. they're two completely different things, not subject to comparison. To have a female touch my penis at all - whether through emotional intimacy or physical intimacy or both - is... a great privilege anyway. orgasm has as much (if not more) to do with how she wants to pleasure me as much as how i want to get pleasured. i'm not going to mess with that unless asked.


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Apr. 3rd, 2003 01:43 pm (UTC)
This is true..
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