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discussion of creative differences

Mark and I got in an argument today about the Willamette show. First off, when I arranged Third Wind up to the drum solo, i had a particular vision of using the last ten or so measures to let the timbale player take off the timbales and pick up the snare, and the last sixteen counts for the pit to take a bunch of propped up bass drums and put them out on to the field. I wanted to have an Impact. It's an emulation of the '91 Crossmen.

It's not that his vision is different than that, but it doesn't work with the drill he's writing. For one thing, he wants everyone in the last sixteen counts staying still. I want the band staying still - no problem because i don't want them to have to march that fucked up lick. But he also thinks that if the percussion is moving during that part, it's visually distracting, especially if they're right up front.

Secondly, i wrote a tenor lick to help support the alto/clarinet/flute syncopation, and he staged them towards the middle/rear of the field instead of more towards the front. So if we don't want to have ensemble tear issues, Ken needs to be back there with them, but then he can't be at front stage in time for the drum solo.

We went around in circles and it got a bit frustrating because we both want to preserve our ideas but none of it works. We both can see it both ways, but we prefer our own way over the other way.

We have some sort of compromise worked out, but i'm still not happy with it. I can feel an inner part of me saying, "how big of a fucking deal is it if we...", but that's not fair to him because he has every right to say the same thing to me, and having a yell-fest will damage our professional relationship and our deep friendship. We respect each other too much.

Collaborations are always a difficult thing. It doesn't help that we're both so stubborn. I feel like i'm more stubborn than he is. Maybe i should have more faith that twenty or so clarinets, altos, and flutes can play that fucked up triplet lick without help from anywhere in the drum line.

Whatever. I"m sure we'll work it out.

*shake of head* i have to stop thinking about it right now anyway. I have an aural skills final to administer tomorrow.


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