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color survey...

murderoftwo recently did this one. On her journal it was all color coordinated, but i find that hard to read, so i'm going to make it all one color.

What is love? - love is many things, and it's different for every person. and it should be.
Name 3 things you feel very passionate about: - music/new music politics, the well-being of others, teaching
Does fire fascinate you? - yup.
Do you have a short temper? - never.
Are you a friend to dragons? - indeed. especially Trogdor.
Are you very warm hearted? - to a fault.
Do you feel intense emotions? - yes indeed.

Are you bright? - not generally
What are the three most wholesome things you've done lately? - "wholesome?" hm. i'm not sure how to answer this... what constitutes wholesome these days?
Is vibrance a good characteristic to have? - i think so, but not to an extreme.
Are you rich in self confidence? - i'm a contradiction of modest confidence and severe low self-esteem.
Are you rich in vitamin c? - not as much as i should be right now. it'd probably help with my throat.
Is lala orange your favorite rainbow bright character? - I can't say that i know rainbrow brite well enough to know.

Are you a very happy person? - i wouldn't call myself that, no.
Do you like the sun? - Not usually. I like clouds and warm rain and wind.
Do you ever feel utter and complete joy? - yeah.
Do you feel like the volume in your life is all the way up? - i understand what this is asking, but it's too two-dimensional. The volume of my aura is always changing depending on the situation.
Do you feel warm inside when you hug people? - always. even virtual ones.
If you were a care bear would you be cheer bear? - i don't think so.
Are you lemon scented? - i hope not.

Are you incredibly lucky? - i don't ever think about it.
Are you easy going? - yeah, to a fault.
Are you very mischievious? - on occasion.
Are you very lusty/sexy? - lusty, it depends. sexy... personally i don't think so. a few people do for some reason.
Ever find a four leafed clover? - a few times.
Are you fresh like mint? - i'd venture to say no.
Does nature speak to you? - thunder and lightning do, and so does rain.

Do you love to look at water? - i like it. don't know if i love it.
Are you calm/relaxed? - physically never. mentally usually.
Is it very difficult to upset you? - yeah, but there are a few buttons that can easily get my ire up. even so, i tend to draw my upsetness inward.
Are you at peace? - about certain things. but generally i think i'd have to say no.
Are you comforting? - It's my role in life.
Are you well balanced? - i'd like to think so, but i'm not a good judge of that.
Are you content? - i think i try not to be, for fear of stagnancy.

Are you royalty? - Nope.
Are you very free spirited? - i'd like to think so.
Are you conceited? - i don't think so.
Do you have a passion for indulgence? - sometimes.
Are you a grape? - no, but i really like purple.
Are you a purple horseshoe? - do you think that lucky charms used to have just green clovers to start off with, and then slowly they started adding more things? I remember when red balloons weren't part of the mix.

Are you less than intense? - what an oddly worded question. my instinct is to say, "yes?"
Are you incredibly feminine? - "feminine" and "masculine" seem to imply more surface characteristics, so i'll have to say no, even though i consider myself more of a female gender than male.

Do you absorb everything possible? - i try. i like hearing about people's lives and gaining new perspectives.
Are you incredibly energetic? - it depends on the context.

Are you expensive? - *shakes head* i'm not worth that much. i'm just a guy.
Are you worth it? - in the short term, sure. long term is a different thing altogether.


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