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summer music project list:

One: Percussion Ensemble piece. I already have the form of the first couple of minutes in my head. I just need to put it on paper, and then to Finale. I'm not sure if i'm convinced about how it will move from unpitched to pitched material, but we'll see what happens as it evolves. I've only thought about it for a couple of days.

Two: Hymn, my Disklavier piece. Oddly enough, the Max programming part of it is almost done. For once, i don't have to build a lot of Max patches in order to make the piece happen. (At least not yet.) So all i have to do is write the actual music.

Three: Willamette's marching band show. Shostakovich's 5th. Hopefully to kick some ass this year.

Four: The final touches to the Max programming on my thesis. If i get that done and troubleshooted away, I can hopefully do all of the Kyma programming in the first couple of weeks of the fall term, and get it all finally Out of the Way.

Five: I still want to study up on infrared sensors and electricity to try to build my own MIDI triggers, or at least do the research to see what other people have done and how i can apply it to my own big project conception. But I think that this has to take a backburner to the other four projects since those have at least loose deadlines, and this one is just for Me.

*looks back at list with a wan smile* Time to get motivated.


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