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dream about shoes, hockey(?), and liz irish

I only really remember the end of the dream, though there's some fuzzy memory of me actually playing hockey.... or it could have been soccer. i'm not sure. my memory says "hockey", but it makes more sense if it was soccer because i didn't have any ice skates or rollerblades or anything.

Whatever it is, the sport involved was part of a class, one with a teacher who was a hard-ass, but a good teacher anyway. I was walking with one of my classmates towards the class (someone i knew, but i don't remember who it is anymore) but i said that i'd have to catch up because i needed to grab my shoes, or something like that. I seem to remember that we parted ways in a locker area where people normally locked their gear and kept their bookbags and stuff, but my stuff wasn't in one of those lockers.

The next thing that I can recall is walking along a loop hallway (like the border of a sports arena) and seeing my stuff bunched away against one side. I don't think i was surprised, so i must've put it there and had good reason to trust no one would take anything, but there was indeed something missing - my favorite pair of black dress shoes.

I think it's at this point I saw Liz Irish and someone else (again, someone i knew, but i don't remember who it is anymore) sitting on a different part of the outside wall as i circled the arena looking for my shoes. Maybe I complained to them or asked them if they'd seen them. I wanted to wear those shoes for my class.

Eventually i give up looking, and i decide instead to just wear my black sneakers. But then in a fit of inspiration, i change my mind and decide to wear these new pair of white sneakers I just bought. I grab the box, plop down next to Liz and her companion, and start to string the shoelaces into... both those white sneaks and some other pair of shoes, i think. I have some difficulty because there are a lot of stray shoelace-like things about, and i keep on grabbing the wrong thing. I talk with Liz and her companion while i'm lacing the first white sneaker. I forget what we were talking about. I think part of it had to do with the shoes. Every now and again, someone who knew me (which included Tyson Wooters) would walk by and be taken aback because they know i never wear white footwear. And i say, "yeah... it's the first pair i've warn in the past ten years" and they smile or laugh and move on.

There's maybe five or so more minutes until i have to be at my class. I have the shoelace for the second white sneaker in my hand, but then i drop it or put it on the ground or something. I feel around for it, but i keep on grabbing the wrong thing. Wrong colored shoelace. A bunch of twist ties. I look around and i don't see it. It seems to have disappeared. I'm pissed off about it. Now what am i going to do?

I think i take two stray shoelaces and start to string it into one of my *other* sneakers, which isn't exactly a sneaker... it's footwear, but it's separated into two parts that need to be put together. I put them together and start using the shoelaces to keep them together. The bell rings (or something just lets me know class is starting), and i roll my eyes and comment to Liz and companion, "great. I'm going to be late." I'm starting to panic and get frustrated. Eventually, after five or so more minutes, I get done lacing the complex parts together. I say, "it'll have to do" and lift it off the ground to test it, but i didn't tie it tight enough or something because part of the second part is sticking out of the bottom . Liz looks at it skeptically. I try to keep a brave face about it and say, "it'll be fine." I test it out for a little longer, but because of all of the frustration and because the class is already fifteen to twenty minutes in, i say, "maybe not," kind of dump the shoes on the ground and decide that i'm going to skip class.

EDIT: put it behind an LJ-cut.

I put my head on liz's shoulder, frustrated. She gives me general sympathetic sounds and caresses my head a little while she's reading or studying. Eventually the three of us start conversing about something non-important, and i must poke fun at Liz or vice versa, because suddenly tickling gets involved. We're giggling like crazy. After a while, i feel like we're both turned on, so i become bold and kiss her. Instantly she responds, kisses back. There's no tongue at first, but when we kiss again, our tongues meet. I start to caress her neck, shoulders, and her breasts, causing her to moan. Around this point, i look briefly at Liz's companion to see how he's taking this whole thing. He's pretending to ignore it because his eyes are fixated on his book, slightly away from us, but he has this small knowing half-smile on his face, which makes me realize that this is something that Liz has wanted to do with me for a long time, and he's happy for her. And right around then, i wake up.

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Jun. 29th, 2003 11:27 pm (UTC)
You failed to warn us about something sexual being in your dream.

That last part did NOT help out my situation at all.

Thanks :P
Jun. 30th, 2003 12:17 am (UTC)
aw. sorry. :p
Jun. 30th, 2003 07:07 pm (UTC)
i remember liz irish...
i think she was hot.

i took a picture of her ass in art class once.
still have it somewhere.

Jun. 30th, 2003 08:08 pm (UTC)
Re: i remember liz irish...
yeah, she was definitely cute. i sat directly behind her in french class. she always let me play with her hair when i was bored.

She was going out with this track guy who i don't remember anymore. and i was way too shy in high school to do anything about that sort of thing anyway. not that i'm not shy now. :)
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