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so i downloaded the first season of Heroes and i've watched a handful of episodes, and yeah, okay. it's pretty damned good. The first episode was somewhat mediocre script writing and acting, but it's possible that everyone had to get comfortable in their roles, so i can forgive them for not being terribly convincing until a couple episodes in.

two points to state about it. first off, just once i'd like to watch some sort of show in which i can't predict what's going to happen three or four episodes down the line or make a good guess as to how certain characters are going to turn out. it doesn't necessarily detract from the story when i do predict it if it's told pretty well (and i think this is), but even so.

Second, the big reason why this series succeeds over Lost in my mind is that nothing feels like wasted space or wasted time, at least not nearly to the same degree. Halfway through season one of Lost i already wanted to fast-forward through all of the flashback sequences because they got annoying and no longer added anything useful to the story, a story that started spiraling down to the pits of "we had a good idea to start, but we didn't know how to keep it interesting for a whole season and we want to milk it for as many seasons as possible, so we're going to fill most of the space with nonsense filler instead of progress the plot because we know you'll still watch because we think audiences are dumb."

and as a postlude, i find it confusing when in the beginning they use the same font to say "character name, location" as they do cast members and guest stars. it bothers me more than it should.

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Jun. 19th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
the last episode this past season of heroes was lackluster.

to me, the writing seems to go back and forth from good to bad, but for the most part it leans on pretty neat.
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