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my computer isn't very happy, and i'm not happy about it being unhappy. the details aren't important, but it's frustrating. My previous compy lasted me about six or so years. That this one seems to have only lasted four and a half feels like a gip. It either needs to be repaired or i need a new computer.

A new computer is tempting, but i'm not happy with what's available right now. When i bought this G4, Apple had several buying options in terms of power of which i never buy top model because i don't think it's necessary. At the time, there was a dual processor G4 to drool but not really be tempted by. easy to get the lower end single processor G4 that got the job done and save some money.

Currently, Apple doesn't have that sort of option. There's only one processor choice of Mac Pro and it's unfortunately not too cheap even with an educator discount. And that sucks.

The option of trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with this compy and get it fixed is better for my budget, but i'm not interested in investing a lot of money on service and parts if it's only going to last me another year or less before i'd have to buy a new machine, nor am i interseted in it killing my hard drives in the meantime like it seems to have done one and almost did another.

Not too sure what i should do. Maybe i can just live with a crippled computer for a while until i have more slush money and hold out for when some prices drop and for when Leopard comes out (whenever that is). I'm not particularly interested in buying a machine with Tiger only to have Tiger outdated by Leopard in a couple of months.

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Aug. 29th, 2007 06:40 am (UTC)
i was looking at the options at the apple store and gawked at the offerings.

dual quads are the only option for processors...

anyhoo, it's quite steep for a new computer. if you can properly diagnose the problem with your current set up, upgrading and relieving those problems should net you a year or so until you would have to swap out to a new compy (imo).

it's good to be a "pc'er" when it comes to crappy options by the manufacturer as per mentioned in your post. teehee! oh man, with the money the put into a new apple build, i could build an absolute monster of a pc.

was an imac out of the question for you?

if you can hold out for a few more months, the new intel penryn chips should be arriving. again, i dont know if apple will implement these chips in their products, but if they do, you should expect a drop in prices of their current line-up.

i'll keep an eye out for news and developments.
Aug. 29th, 2007 06:52 am (UTC)
the big thing is that i'm used to apple directly offering decent options. amd it's annoying that they don't. I might do some research at places like macmall or similar to see what they offer instead. they probably have better deals.

again, though, it's silly for me to buy a computer now when a new mac OS is lurking around the corner that i'm much more interested in over Tiger, so we'll see.

PCs and iMacs are out of the question mainly because of what i currently have in terms of ATA drives. i want to buy a new machine and plop all of my old drives in to it without any fuss. With a PC i lose almost all of my apps and relevant data, and with an iMac i have to buy a lot of firewire enclosures and have a lot of external peripherals i'm not interested in having. The power and flexibility of an actual desktop will always sell me as my Main Machine over any novelty computer or a laptop, especially if i continue with my independent video editting projects. with stuff like that, laptops and iMacs are simply not options.
Aug. 29th, 2007 07:22 am (UTC)
hey man, i didn't suggest a pc. i was just reveling in the price difference.

i forgot about the harddrive thing. now i'm not 100% sure on this, but you may encounter fussiness anyways if you plan to put your harddrive into a new mac. i *don't* think it will be a problem if you run you current harddrive as secondary in a new mac, but i would imagine there would be hardware changes that the programs installed need to know about. again, i'm not sure, but you may have to do reinstallations anyways.

as for leopard, word on the street is that it's coming this fall. that may coincide with cheaper macs as well and on top of newer chips, that may be the time to get something new.
Aug. 29th, 2007 07:29 am (UTC)
i know you weren't suggesting a PC, but a PC was an option i was considering, not so much for the price difference as much as more flexibility for online poker sites.

but weighing in all of the hard drive stuff and apps i already have invested, i decided that it's probably more worth my while to get a decent Mac and then just grab a copy of Parallels.

All of my current hard drives would become secondary drives over the main drive that has leopard. I know that some of the apps that i have will survive the leopard crossover, and i'm willing to upgrade the rest.

i've heard lots of rumors about leopard releases. the last i heard was october. we'll see if i can hold out until then, and see what the market is all about.
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