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secrets not so secret

Today at the Willamette rehearsal, two bits of information came out that i'm not entirely happy about.

The first bit of information was my birthday. Even though i'm a bit more tense because now a few people in the band know my birthday, i have to admire Jesse's resourcefulness at finding out - he knows someone who works at the UofO who has access to my information, and they have my birthday on file.

The second bit of information was the probability that this might be my last year at Willamette.

That information got passed on to Bobbi Jo by a source she wouldn't reveal, and that worries me. As far as I know, there's only one person who Mark and I breathed a word of this about... our drum major, Stephanie. I tend to think that Steph wouldn't betray our desire to to keep it quiet because a) i don't think she and Bobbi Jo are friends exactly, and b)... well... she's Stephanie. She wouldn't do that.

A part of me, however, hopes that it's that simple, that it *was* her. The alternative theory is more troubling. I have to face the possibility that one of my students found my LJ and has been reading it. I certainly hope not. Wait until i'm not your teacher. i really don't want to make my LJ friends-only.

Edit: oooh.... i wonder if i mentioned it to Sarah Berlier at the last football game. I might have, and Sarah and Bobbi Jo are friends.



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