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the use of "well".

i've developed the use of the word "well" as a singular sentence expression, and it's funny because i've developed it as a speech idea because of one thing and developed it as a written idea because of another.

The speech idea is because of David Tennant. In his tenure as the Doctor on the new Who, he had certain moments where he would state an idea, then say, "well," then amend it, then say "well," then amend it again. Yet another Who influence in my speech patterns, although my use of "fantastic" seems to have waned over the past half year or so, which is disappointing because i rather liked it.

The written idea came from Steven Brust and his use in the Khaavren series. As a quote from the epilog of The Paths of the Dead:

Many English speakers have one or several habitual phrases with which they fill hesitant pauses in their conversation. A few of those phrases retain some slight meaning; others come close to being neutral noise. To approximate the effect of Paarfi as translated by Brust, these should be replaced by "well." Among the phrases thus replaced: you know; let's just say that; could be; I guess; yeah; I suppose; I can see that; if you say so; whatever; maybe so; I've heard that said; you could say that; in that case; if that's how you feel about it; and that may be so, but.

Judging from the different circumstances in which we see it used, "well" is one of those words... that is capable of conveying a broad and subtle range of meaning depending on the inflection the speaker gives them.

"Well" is always followed by a comma. The only exception si when it's used as a one-word sentence, which usage is approximately the equivalent of saying "if you say so" in a dubious tone of voice.

the funny thing is that i think i write "well" more than i say it out loud, but when i write it, i don't use it in that sense when i write it, i use it more as a written form of what Tennant does. But part of the influence of writing it in the first place comes from having read the Paarfi novels so much that seeing it written was very common, particularly in conversations.

which is interesting because it puts my particular use of "well" into the realm that is less equivalent of typical speech and more typical of musical influences. As in, i'm not going to directly take these two pieces of musical ideas from someone else and copy them, rather i'm going to allow my resonance with those ideas to influence how i compose my own ideas that may or may directly relate to those ideas.

well. it's not exactly like that, but something like that anyway.

okay. lunch-like break over. time to get other stuff done.


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