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invite codes and some rambling

i finally took my unused LJ invite codes and redemmed them for more paid account time.

ten invite codes equals five dollars equals two free months.

i can live with that.

I was just about to just finish this entry, but then it occured to me that i could write about the fact that the landlord came in and replaced all of the heaters in our apartment today. And then i thought, "but that's the sort of thing i *wouldn't* write in my journal. It doesn't occur to me that that sort of stuff is what people want to read about nor do i want to keep record of."

It's funny what i write in here. i'll write "i played DDR today" kind of entries a few times in a month, but i'll probably never write that yesterday i panicked for a little while because i lost my keys.

anyway. i'm going to be a hermit for most of the day today (read: be offline) because i have to write a bunch of music for tomorow. i've been conceiving in my head a lot, but none of it has made it to paper because i've been slacking and not quite in the proper mind set.

more hugs to dr4b.

i'm starting to wear out this Plaid album i've been listening to obsessively since their concert last month. There are still three or four tunes that i'll never get tired of, but the rest of it is getting stale from me listening to it so frellin' much.


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