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dreams of a percussion recital

Had another dream last night.

There are a lot of little details that I remember, but i'm not sure how they're pieced together. I'll try to have it make sense.

In the dream, I'm the accompanist for a few pieces on Dave's recital. I have a whole bunch of sheet music with me as I'm sitting in the auidience. One piece before I have to play, I go out into the hall to get ready. I ask Dave, "is this your vibe duo?" and he grins and says, "well... it's a quartet now." What's odd is that he goes in, but there aren't any other players.

Since i have a bit of time before I have to play, I decide to take a quick walk around to see if Larry Nelson is present. This is odd, because Dave is my friend here at the UofO, and Larry was my old professor at WCU. But i'm definitely at WCU... the hallways and building structure remind me of it the WCU school of music. Larry's door is open, so after a slight hesitation, I peek in.

A sense of confused recognition comes over his face, and i realize that he's getting kind of old. I ask him how he's doing, etc. etc. and we make a bit of small talk. He asks me at one point, "I'm sorry... i forget your name." I'm usually pretty magnanimous about this, so I say no problem, sure, it's mendel.

Eventually we start talking about my issues with the UofO, and he tells me flat out that he's sorry that I have to go through the shit i've been going through, but I need to develop a better method of dealing with the confrontation problems I've been having here. I sigh and say "I know."

After a bit more talk, I say that I have to go, i'm accompanying someone in a recital, just popped in to say hi, maybe i'll catch him a bit later. He gives me some sort of wave and goes back to whatever it is he's doing.

I get back to Dave's recital, and I must have taken longer than I thought because everyone is waiting for me. I'm embarrassed, so I grab my sheet music, go into the hallway to find the right piece, and also to... change or something, because I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and i had some change of clothes... or something. Anyway, I'm leafing through the sheets of paper I have, and I start to realize that I don't recognize any of them. I run through all of it to look for the piece I'm playing, and it's not there. And neither is any other piece I'm playing in the concert. I'm a bit panicky. I realize that I probably picked the wrong sheet of papers... might have picked up another percussionist's music, and my music is still sitting in the corner back at the UofO somewhere.

Everyone is becoming impatient. I realize that for the first piece, this isn't a big deal, because it's Ney Resauro's concerto for marimba and orchestra, which I had memorized and played years ago for Jeff Piscitello. So it might be rough, but I'll get by. And while I'm thinking about what I'm going to do for the rest of the recital, Mel woke me up with a page, asking me to fix a problem that she eventually fixed herself right before I called her back.

Again, mornings are not the best for me, so hopefully I didn't botch this up too much.

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