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my next few projects.

I know i've talked about this some, but for those of you that have stepmania, you can try some of my charts if you go to http://www.darknote.org/ddr/

I have a big plan for my next stepmania chart. I want to write steps to Gyorgy Ligeti's fourth piano etude. The constant running eighth notes provides a great backdrop for creating a typical Weird Mendel chart.

but it has to happen in two steps. The performance i have on CD is done by a human, and there might be some alignment issues. So i'm going to take my score and sequence it in Vision or Deck, put it into audio format, and then make the chart. all in all, it'd probably take me a couple of days to do.

After that's done, i really want to go back and revise all of my other charts and fine tune them now that i'm better at chart writing, but i've got other priorities right now... I need to finish Act II of Willamette's Winter Percussion Show by today or tomorrow, and I also plan on getting Act III done by next wednesday. I also have two other pieces of music i'm working on that I want to get finished by the end of march (perc ensemble piece, and a new chamber piece), plus there are a bunch of competitions that I want to enter, plus the whole ITG thing, plus working on finding another place to live over the summer for a month to month lease as opposed to a year lease, etc. etc, plus a job, etc. etc.

Life seems to be rolling really fast right now.

And boy... i love it.


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