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forward motion

So i decided to finally get off my ass about how much money i should be making in royalties from my music, and decided to register with ASCAP as my own publishing company. Going to print out my paperwork and put it in the mail tomorrow.

First choice is, of course, Darknote Productions.

The nice thing is that all of the title registrations can be done online now.

The bad thing is that i've already past the one year deadline to get royalties from my recital. That's what i get for being lazy. Guess i'm just going to have to get more performances. Two upcoming in spring. But i'm also going to try to register my winter percussion show since it's all original music... i'm not sure how ASCAP handles that since it's more of a theatrical thing than concert music.

Time to enter some competitions too.

*sigh* i had a deadline to finish my percussion ensemble piece by the beginning of march, but with all of the willamette stuff going on, i'm not sure if that's going to really happen. Mid-march might be more reasonable. If i can finish the Willamette music by this sunday, i can start working on putting the percussion ensemble piece into the computer, then printing it out and working out the next few details out by hand. While i'm doing that i'll probably start putting my chamber piece in the computer too.

It's time to start dedicating time to that stuff daily.


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Feb. 4th, 2004 10:43 pm (UTC)
Wow, I know somebody that will be famous
Hey dude next time you have show, I want to come. Just tell and I will show up.
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