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chocolate (and other food)

I'm hitting this nebulous zone when it comes to chocolate. For a while i didn't care too much for it outside of the context of hot chocolate. Like... for a couple of years. at some point maybe two or three years ago, i started getting into it again, and i hit a point where i ate... not a *lot* of chocolate, but i just had it on a more regular basis because i either had a craving for it or just loved the taste.

Right now, i feel in between these two states. I like chocolate, but i'm not liking it so much that i have the "boy do i want chocolate" kind of urges. Since it's in the state of neutrality, i want to take advantage of it by not having so much. I've pretty much stopped buying any sort of chocolate for house consumption. I'll get some every now and again when i'm out or needing a quick sugar rush for DDR (snickers crunchier... yum).

A part of me feels like trying to decrease my carbs again. Not go completely Atkins like i did for those couple of months, but just be a bit more sensible about carb consumption. I haven't cooked myself any Atkins meals for a while, and some of that stuff is what i love cooking and eating. maybe i should do some research on the South Beach diet.

i dunno, though. since i started playing DDR more aggressively, i've lost about ten pounds. It's no drum corps workout, but it's a workout nonetheless, and i don't think that someone of my height should drop *too* much lower than where i already am. i've just always been sensitive about my weight.

When i was walking home, i had another LJ entry composed in my head... something pretty random and weird, a typical Mendel entry... but I forget what it was now. a pity. maybe i'll remember it later.


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