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one cube at a time

N.B. i started this entry a few days ago.... didn't get a chance to finish it. finishing now.

I drank some tap water this morning which made me think about the general principle I hold about ice. As a general rule, I absolutely hate having ice in my drinks.

Part of the reason comes from the older style of fast-food restaurant drink service where they fill the drink up for you. They'd take your cup and *fill* it with ice, leaving you with a small quantity of very cold beverage. It always made me feel like i was being ripped off.

But the main reason I've never put ice in my drinks has to do with drinking style. I don't like to waste plastic so I try to avoid using drinking straws. This means that the container that holds my beverage has to be tilted in order for the beverage to successfully consumed. When there's ice filled to the top, ice is immediately pressing against my top lip, which is annoyingly cold. If the ice is only filled about half way then i'm okay for a little while, but eventually I'll have to tilt the container past ninety degrees in order to finish my drink. One of two things happen: either the ice slides from the bottom of the cup and impacts on my upper lip, or the ice gets stuck at the bottom of the cup. Ice stuck at the bottom of the cup is the worst - it's unpredictable. Sometimes it will stay stuck on the bottom no mater how steep i tilt the cup, but more often it'll stay stuck until gravity beats the sticking process and the ice rushes forward to impact my upper lip.

The whole thing is just a no-win situation.

But when I drank the tap water this morning, I decided to put some ice in it. i don't mind lukecold (?) water, but it's better cold. And the ice helped. But the trick was I didn't put a lot of ice in the drink. I only put in one or two cubes, which melted pretty fast.

That's when I hit upon what I think is the ideal ice situation. I want to have enough ice that it makes a noticeable temperature difference in my drink but is completely melted by the time I finish enough of the drink to tilt it beyond ninety degrees. So the next time I got tap water, i put a bit more ice in it, and it... happened pretty much like that.

Of course, there's no way to make that completely accurate. The temperature of the water, the thickness of the ice i use, and the rate of which I want to drink my drink are all important variables that i can't calculate every time i want to put ice in my drink. But I think i've hit this point where I can say that as long as I'm the one in control of the ice quantity, I'll make use of it.

I mention this because in some way it's symbolic of my issues with lifestyle change. I mean, i've had this no-ice-in-drink policy for many years, and if you were to ask if that was ever going to change, i would have said, "no way." But the problem is that any time i thought about ice in my drinks, I thought about it in its extreme fast=food format. My use of ice in drinks now isn't a complete reversal of my previous philosophy. It's a happy medium.

And i wonder... can i do that in my life? It's hard to say. getting over my issues of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability both receiving and giving is a far cry from whether or not i should put ice in my drinks. but it's something to think about.


Oct. 29th, 2002 11:16 pm (UTC)
yeah, i tend to close up when someone else is demanding change from me. i'm working on it, but it's difficult because I'm stubborn and sometimes contrary.

a part of me understands that that's a natural reaction for many people, but another part of me thinks i can take it to an extreme. for someone who tries to be as open to other perspectives as possible, it frustrates me sometimes when i have my blinders on.

difficult for me to pinpoint it right now too since i'm not in the most stable state of mind. but oh well.


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