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events vs. thoughts

When i first started this journal, it was really a journal about thoughts, not events. I didn't think it was that important for me to write about events happening unless they were really earth-shattering.

but i look at my front page of journal entries now, and half of them are event entries. Not even Even Entries That Lead To Thought entries, just event entries.

That's odd to me because it didn't click that i was doing that until the last entry i wrote about my federal taxes. Somewhere in my subconscious, i shifted my journal focus to be more balanced between thought and event.

When i ask myself "why?", the best explanation i can come up with is that i'm writing in this journal less for me than i used to. I have friends on my friends list that care about me, care about my daily life, and love to know what i'm doing and how i'm doing, even if it's boring every day details about meals, television, percussion, and taxes. I mean, siren52684 just wrote an entry about her equestrian adventures over the weekend. I don't know shit about horses, but they're an important part of her life, and even though we're not close friends by any means, i love knowing about that stuff because i know that it's important to her.

Of course, i've always felt like that... I'm *always* interested in other peoples' lives and what they're enthusiastic about. it makes me feel alive and important when anyone can feel free to share their life with me.

I just never believed that anyone would ever be interested in *my* life... i'm certainly not as interested in my life as much as i'm interested in hearing about others, so typically i just fade myself to the background, keep my ears open, and only use my mouth to prompt and encourage other people to talk.

In Real Life, i'm still like that. But on LJ... i feel like those of you that read my journal actually like knowing what's going on with me, so having entries that state "i taught today and i'm exhausted"... don't seem out of place. This realization, that just Me and My Life can be important to other people... that's a new pair of shoes, ones i'm not quite comfortable wearing yet. And hopefully they won't wear out.

Wow. This entry might need some editing, but i'll go back and do it later if necessary... right now i really have to prep for my rehearsal tonight.


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Feb. 9th, 2004 06:19 pm (UTC)
I've read this entry and don't think it needs a bit of editing. But I remember your concept of thought vs. event based entries-- and for some reason I was very happy when you thought that I was one of the "thought people." But it seems that both you and I have found our way into the event based entries, and by a similar path.

Lol-- I just realized I have no idea where I was going with this. But it's the thought that counts-- right?
Feb. 9th, 2004 08:06 pm (UTC)
oooooh lookit me! getting a mention! rock on!

but on a less vain note, i think the nice part about these journals is that they have no set purpose. you can do whatever the crap you like with them. write social commentary, air your thoughts, tell jokes, reach people who are far away, remember an event that holds significance, or just plain bitch about your entire life.

simply put, no one's life is really all that exciting, but somehow, when recorded like this, sometimes it works. and is interesting and seems almost enviable. journals like this provide an almost voyeuristic view into other people's lives. only way way way less creepy.
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