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one more random thing before i go...

I sent Mark an email earlier giving a checklist of things we need to get done for Willamette, and... wow. do we have a lot of stuff to do.


- paperwork for Evergreen, Skyview, and Mac Court

i'll take care of this. If i don't hear back from Steve at evergreen sometime today, i'll give the school a call tomorrow and see if i can't nail down what's going on.

- Will Rich be at Skyview?

we'll just have to check with him again, and come up with some sort of contingency if he says "no". Maybe we can talk Danielle into subbing for that one competition just for the important prop stuff.

- Band parent money and guard money.

I'll press Bart and Emily and Kathy On about this stuff... if i don't get an email back from Bart about it in the next couple of days, i'll probably try to give him a call, maybe before wednesday's rehearsal.

- Business/corporate sponsorship forms.

I assume that you want to take care of this, but if you want me to take care of it, then let me know. I can type something up for tomorrow.

- Cascade's gym.

This is what i was thinking: Since we might be doing the february 27th basketball game, and we then have that all day rehearsal on the 28th, i thought about the possibility of cancelling the february 29th rehearsal in favor of havng a longer rehearsal at Cascade on March 7th. Maybe 1:00-6:00 or something.

- Chaperones

we'll bring up at rehearsal on wednesday.

- state certified equipment truck

that's me. i'll talk to bart.

- buses

that's you. talk to your guy.


- Snare harness

i'll see if i can snag kelly, adam, or christina sometime today or early tomorrow to rip apart the room in gerlinger looking for the snare harness... i'll let you know if anything progresses, and you can let me know too if you find anything out.

- dreadlocks, cymbal straps, and spare tenor heads (Pac Winds order)

it's on my to-do list for either today or tomorrow.

- spare parts for bass harnesses (and snare feet?)

as far as i know, going out to willamette early will work fine for me. if you want to do it or have us both go out, no big deal. we just have to make sure to coordinate with aaron.


- prop design, uniform design

i'm putting a lot of this on you since i'm fucking clueless about this. Give me Mendel-is-Stupid tasks to do, and i'll help out however i can. It would be ideal if we had all of this stuff figured out by the 28th, but i don't see that happening at all. The worst case scenario is that we get it done by the 7th, which is six days before Tigard. If we end up doing that let's-cancel-the-29th-rehearsal, maybe we can make that into our prop building day instead, and ask for volunteers?

- finish writing the show.

with the exception of tyler's electronic drum solo, all of my stuff is done now. As for your stuff, the way i see it, finishing it by next wednesday is the most ideal: if we hand it out to them on wednesday, we can work on the music on sunday and then do the drill for it the next wednesday to prep for the saturday rehearsal.

If push comes to shove, we can pass out the parts the following sunday, but it would make me incredibly uncomfortable if we pushed it after that. I want to make a definitive deadline that the show is Absolutely Finished musically by sunday the 22nd. That being the case, if you don't end up finishing the stuff by next monday/tuesday, i'm definitely going to need those parts to enter into Finale before you leave for portland on friday, ideally by next thursday. If that's going to be a problem because of time issues, let me know sooner than later.

that's all i can think of. am i missing anything?


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Feb. 11th, 2004 02:39 pm (UTC)
busy busy kitty! i guess i don't have to mention what's already implied. since it's already implied and all. ..... yeah. ;)
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