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event entry.

Page three is done. I think this is going to end up being a five page piece. Maybe six. I'm worried that that's not enough.... not because the piece will be too short, but that i'm not spacing the material out enough - i should fit less measures per page.

Thus the problem with graphical scores... the instant I have to change that kind of structure, a lot of other things have to get changed in order to accomdate for it... placement of "continuous" boxes, straight lines, hidden measures, various staff styles... all of it will need a major overhaul if i need to move even one measure.

i made a conscious decision to make the score on legal paper as opposed to 11x17, mainly for practical my-printer-can't-handle-that-size, but as a result, the score looks cluttered, maybe too hard to read because I'm trying to fit two systems per page, and that just might not work out. Maybe i'll make it 11x17 and print it on a reduced size at home, then PDF it and use the school's computers or kinkos to make it full size.

We'll see. After spending a good hour on the score today, i'm done with it until either late tonight or tomorrow. i think i'm going to chill out for just a little bit, and then work on my old orchestra piece... there are a couple of orchestra competitions coming up, and I want to see if my piece has any potential. Then i might extract the battery parts to Act III and print them out.


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