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yeah, that's what I thought.

every now and again when i hit random, i come across journals whose style causes some weird formatting issues on my browser. The entries are confined to about one fourth of my browser window only allowing for four to five words per line, and although there are links for friends, calendar, userinfo, etc., i can't click on them.

The example that brings this up is review_you. The community owner recently changed the style to the one I can't read on my browser, so I can't click on the userinfo to find out how far down my journal is on the waiting list without manually typing in the URL.

That's what I get for using a non standard browser. Some time ago I made a switch to iCab as my browser of choice because it offered more flexible options concerning javascript, cookie control, filtering, and security than either Netscape or IE.

The problem is, a lot of web site design is made under the assumption that everyone uses Netscape or IE, and this can cause problems when I'm using iCab. I already have to use Netscape to pay half of my bills because those sites freak out when I try to use them. And every now and again, certain web site layouts will end up being looking incredibly skewed on iCab that looks fine on Netscape or IE.

But even barring the lack of flexibility, Netscape 4.7.2 on a Mac is still not the ideal browser for LJ because of the utf-8 problem, which is way too complicated for me to get into now, but results in nonsense characters appearing at the end of entries or a lot of spaces appearing in the middle of an editted entry. I figured out a jimmy-rigged way to deal with it when i was using my private account, but it's cumbersome and annoying.

So what the fuck do i do? resign myself to not being able to properly navigate through those journals? Tell the creator of that particular style to change his/her coding?


Anyway. That rant is one to replace the rant that i've been feeling ever since saturday. i don't feel like talking about that one because it would take too long to explain for those uneducated in the politics of marching band scores.

But God Dammit.


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