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join the crowd. list random mp3s.

step 1: open your mp3 player.
step 2: put all of your music on random.
step 3: write down the first twenty songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing

322 songs possible. first twenty:

1. fhqwhgads by Strong Bad
2. Last Night by Prefuse 73
3. Snare Drum sample 002
4. Sweet Cuppin Cakes Theme Song by Strong Bad
5. Showa Aikigyo Senshi Ara Yama Katho by Akira Yamaoka
6. Even Spring by Plaid
7. Storm Returns by Prefuse 73
8. Jaques Mal Chance by Squarepusher
9. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare by Mr. Bungle
10. Bass Drum sample 11
11. Afternoon Love In by Prefuse 73
12. Bass Drum sample 13
13. Jelly Kiss by Togo Project featuring Sana
14. Huevos With Jeff and Roni by Prefuse 73
15. It's like it was meant to be by Strong Bad
16. The Color of Tempo by Prefuse 73
17. Full Rinse by Squarepusher
18. snare drum sample 003
19. prep qwarlek 3b by Aphex Twin
20. Piano Etude No. 2: Cordes a vide by Gyorgy Ligeti

that was a somewhat boring set. ah well.


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Feb. 20th, 2004 06:50 am (UTC)
well, you did have "fhqwhgads" which is one of my favorite strong bad bits, AND you had mr. bungle.
so all is not lost.

i highly recommend "Delerium Cordia" by Fantomas if you get a chance...
Feb. 20th, 2004 11:55 am (UTC)
Re: hrmm...
i think i've heard maybe one or two tracks off of it, but i don't remember. fuzzy memories.

i'll consider picking it up or looking around for it. Mike Patton is a genius.

And i still love the other stuff on there... I listen to Prefuse 73 a great deal. It's just that the random missed some other stuff on my MP3 player that i listen to regularly too. oh well. next time around.
Feb. 21st, 2004 10:25 am (UTC)
Re: hrmm...
agreed, mike patton IS a genius.

i doubt you've heard Delerium Cordia yet, it's only been out a week or two, and it would be hard to have heard more than one track, cuz that's all it is...one 74 minute and some odd seconds track.

really cool though.

and at the same time, you should check out some Steroid Maximus and Manorexia....both being side projects of jim thirwell, aka Foetus.
Mar. 3rd, 2004 02:14 am (UTC)
Re: hrmm...
If you like Mr. Bungle, you'll probably enjoy Estradasphere.

They're my favorite local band; they're from Santa Cruz. Their first two albums are amazing. They also have a bunch of live recordings available on archive.org.

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