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further definitions of home

I've been trying to figure out whether or not it'll be possible for me to go "home" for the holidays, and it struck me that the definition has changed again.

Usually there are three places that I *could* define as "home"... King of Prussia, West Chester, and Audubon. for a long time i considered West Chester "home" because it was a home that I eventually defined for myself as opposed to being defined for me.

I feel more disconnected to West Chester than i have in a while, so when i was thinking of "home" for the holidays, the initial split-second instinct was King of Prussia. And i think that that further testaments how i will never conceive of Audubon as ever being "home" for me.

None of those places quite fit as "home', though. It seems odd to me that Eugene seems more like home than where i grew up or where my parents happen to reside. Maybe this speaks to my personal sense of permanence and adaptation.


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Nov. 3rd, 2002 10:17 pm (UTC)
ms. a, home, home on the range
or maybe it's because you have a bad memory, you can't remember what your last "home" felt like. just kidding! you know i'm teasing you.

i do think, however, that perhaps you live in the present so where you are now takes precedence over where you've lived before. a quote from emily dickinson: "Where thou art, that, is Home."

also, the longer you're away from somewhere, the more you'll feel the disconnect because that place will change while you're gone. no place is static so even when you go back, it won't be the same place you left. a quote from thomas wolfe: "You can't go home again."

i think for you, both of these might be true as opposed to me who doesn't feel home is any one particular place, but that is a journal entry for me, not you. oh wait, i don't have a journal. i guess it'll be up to you to do that particular entry, too!
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