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the first bizarre freeze arrow pattern i ever wrote was in one small section of Dark-o-Moga. I conceptualized it and worked it all out, but for a while, in practice, it kicked my ass.

Since then, i've written more odd freeze arrow patterns, doing a great deal of experimentation to try some new things. My Even Spring edit has a pretty fucked-up 7/8 freeze arrow pattern at the end, and today i wrote an edit for "Let's Groove" that expands on some of those ideas even more.

I'm hitting a point where I can look at those kinds of things and start to *sight-read* them pretty well. I don't have to take the time to figure them out anymore - they're coming more natural to me.

But it's hard to say because i'm really the only one that i've seen so far that's written freeze arrows like i do... if i were to encounter someone else who does that stuff in a similar but different vein, maybe it would fuck me up. i'm not sure.

anyway.... trying not to get sick. Time to sleep for a solid nine hours, get up, shower, maybe write some music or do some final tweaking to my "Take it Easy" edit, and then get ready for my five hour rehearsal.

*sigh* i need to start working on more double edits. I think i'm going to write a full set of charts for "The Shining Polaris" - light, standard, heavy, and oni for both single and double. Doing full charts is good incentive for me to get better chops at writing a wide breadth of double charts as opposed to just hard fucked up ones. I'm still pretty happy with my Dark Jelly edit, though at some point i still need to go back and tweak that some.

sad evening in other ways, but whatever. i'm just feeling sorry for myself.


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