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coming out of the woodwork

N.B. My attempt at an event-based entry. This is why i don't do event-based entries more often. :p

i was in a ddr tournament today. it was interesting, and even though I didn't make it that far, the experience was pretty fulfilling.

I think there were twelve of us competing, and there were a shitload of spectators. all of the people that signed up measured from what i would call "really good" to "jesus christ!" People that I never see play the game at the EMU, but these ddr competitions aren't new, nor necessarily localized... some regular ddr maniacs knew each other, and others introduced themselves. I forget sometimes how a video game can create a nifty little community.

I won the first round, even though i was a bit sloppy. I lost the second round, but that was to be expected because i was competing against a guy who i bet won the whole thing.

One of the people in charge was this female who i think was attracted to me. she smiled at me a lot, joked with me a little. When she handed me my consolation prize (sixty minutes of free pool! whoo!), she asked me if i was going to do the "style" competition. I think she was trying to persuade me to do it even though there's no way in hell i would. I thought she was fairly attractive. Wonder if she's judging next week.

There were two people competing who i knew just because we usually play DDR at the same time in the morning - after we all got eliminated, i suggested we go out to eat, so we did.

We made small talk during dinner. Matey is a big fan of Firefly, and she also watches Farscape (though she's not a die-hard fan) and kung fu movies. She talks fairly fast and has a tendency to blur all of her words together, so sometimes i had to concentrate to understand what she was saying. Chris was a trombone player at South Eugene High School, and has this odd habit of wiping his mouth with his napkin after every bite of his food. At least every mouthful of rice.

The big shocking thing was that at some point, Chris asked, "So how old are you guys?" Matey said nineteen, he said eighteen. And for a second i was startled, thinking, "but Matey seems like she's maybe a sophomore in college," before i realized that nineteen is probably the right age for being a sophomore. Both Erica and Dave are twenty-one years old, and they're seniors. It says something about my perception of college age... i create this mental picture that anyone in college can get into a bar.

Anyway, I said, "I'm twenty-seven," and they both were pretty shocked. Chris said, "you don't look twenty-seven at all," and Matey joked, "yeah, you look fifty."

The discovery of the age difference between us is odd to me. When I was running a BBS on my computer at age fifteen or so, I easily became friends with some twenty-year olds, a few thirty-year olds, one or two forty-year olds. People who, if we had passed each other on the street, I wouldn't have given a second thought about because they were so much older.

But since users on my computer were just typing messages, playing chess, etc., the barrier of age was eliminated. The only thing left was personality. And even when a handful of us got together to actually meet in person, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for me, this fifteen year old high schooler, to mix in with college kids and a few adults as if we were all the best of friends.

I think it's that experience that has allowed me to become friends with certain people regardless of their age, although it's a bit more sheltered than it used to be as a result of some of my peers' attitude rubbing off of me (such as my roommate) who make clearer separations of age in their minds.

I know that some people would frown at the fact that I have friends, both casual and close, who span up to ten years my junior and may be students or former students of my teaching career. But I don't see it that way at all.

That's really a separate discussion though. For now... more ddr practice! I want to make it to a final round! Matey won third place last year when there were only seven or so participants, and she said her prize was a lint brush. I want a lint brush! I want to earn a lint brush by doing well at ddr!


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Nov. 9th, 2002 03:45 pm (UTC)
age labels
Funny, some people fit in so perfectly with their peer group/demographic that they can't see beyond it. Others may never have been in synch with their age group, or who suddenly are out of synch with it, due to differences in circumstances, find it irrelevant. Only children often are this way, for example.
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