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microtonal background music in japanime.

There was a segment in Witch Hunter Robin yesterday where they took one of the recurring musical themes and really fucked with it during a moment of mental anguish. There were a few different textures - strings, heavy reverb chimes, and some piano-like texture - and *all* of them were tuned to a different pitch class system - deliberately microtonal, sometimes as much as a quarter tone.

it was *wonderful*. such a rich and unsettling texture. it's been a long time since i've heard something like that, and i'm not certain if i've heard it done in such an effective way. certainly not on a tv show.

standard 12-note scale dissonance seems so... bland in comparison. how can you create dissonance when you can easily identify all of the notes, all of the pitch relationships? Even if you have a cluster fuck of notes, it doesn't come *close* to hitting as deep as microtonal dissonance.

Yet there's also something about how it was placed in the context of the show - as in, it never happened before, and it may not ever happen again. If i wrote a piece that set up that microtonality from the get-go, it wouldn't have the same effect. So what I should do is create a piece of music that sets up a consonant tonal language, an expectation of comfort and "perfect" overtones, and then shatter it when the listener least expects it.

That might be project number four.


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