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the magnetism of powerful music

N.B. This is being written "on location" as it were via Netscape 4.7.2 on a Mac, so I apologize for any formatting issues that might incur as a result of its poor utf-8 translation.

I think that the reason why I identify so well with minimalist and post-minimalist music is because it takes its time to draw me in. It's in no hurry to expose, develop, or evolve the material. An idea, a concept that another piece takes seconds to explore, post-minimalist might take minutes.

And with certain pieces, that slow process infuses itself into my mind, body, and soul. With other music, I listen to it. I react to it. Enjoy it. With post-minimalism... i'm not reacting to the music as much as i simply become the music. It's as if my physical and metaphysical body turns into some intangible jelly-like form that turns into the music, so i'm not experiencing the music as acoustic sounds to ear in communication, i'm experiencing it... from within.

It's so hard to explain. I might have to try again later. But just as an example, the first three movements of Weather by Michael Gordon does this to me. And when i achieve this state of consciousness, it's so moving that it makes me cry - internally, if not externally.

i wonder if i'll ever get there in my own work.


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March 2017