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i sort of crouch corrected

so i visited the UofO percussion camp again and the line up has changed somewhat. Now as opposed to six snares and five bass drums, there are three snares, two tenors, and four bass drummers. I think the others were put in the pit or something.

So i guess that first day was a try out day or something, and Micah wanted to make sure that he had his Solid Snare Line First before distributing the leftovers out to the tenors.


The other interesting thing about my visits to see the drum line is one i'm not sure how to interpret. I've seen Micah teach the line a couple of times - once on monday and once this afternoon. Both times he's seen me but he hasn't really acknowledged my presence. The most I get out of him is a look of recognition, one that says, "yeah, i know who you are."

It would be easy for me to interpret that as some sort of hostility or negativity because I know that I make him uncomfortable which is unfortunate. But i might be reading too deeply into the situation. If it was me who was running the drum line, I wouldn't stop my rehearsal if the Pope came in. I might more acknowledgement, say "hey, what's up?" and then go back to what i'm doing, but I hate having distractions in my teaching situations that I'm not in control of. When Jeremy came in to give him some drill and some other information, he made him stand there for ten or so minutes before Jeremy decided to finally approach him and give him the information.

So it could be just Micah's way, nothing personal. I guess that's okay. But it strikes me even more because i also visited the drum line in the morning when Sean was running the line, and as soon as i walked in the door, Sean *did* stop the rehearsal just long enough to say, "Mendel! What's up?" i said hello, and everyone turned, and then Sean told everyone in the line, "This is Mendel. He's doing his studies here, he's a composer, and he is an expert in the field of marching percussion, so he's a guy that you're going to want to know."

I blushed a little because I didn't really want to bring that kind of attention to myself... i just wanted to check things out. It was a bit strange when the kids got their break and a couple of them came up to me and tried to schmooze. I've been feeling somewhat anti-social lately, so i was polite, but not very open.

But it was nice because Sean didn't need to say anything nice about me. He had no reason or personal incentive to say anything nice about me. But he chose to. He could have just said hi, but he went further to stick up for me and what he believes in me, even if we haven't had a lot of direct interaction.

I might write some more about it later on when i have more time. I'm already late for a gathering.


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