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video game survey.

old entry taken from diskozombie88.

List your Top Ten All-Time Favorite Video Games:

I'm not listing these in actual order because i don't feel like figuring out what i like more.

Beatmania iidx and other bemani in general.
Super Mario Brothers 3
Arkanoid II: The Revenge of Doh
Final Fantasy X
Rogue (how many people know this one?)
Tron's Deadly Discs
Wario Ware
Mr. Driller 2
Umjammer Lammy
Marble Madness
Final Fantasy Tactics

There are tons of others, but those pop to mind right now. and i know that's more than 10. sue me. :p

Favorite three male game characters:

Auron, Akuma, Psymon. i suppose. Ooh. Delita is pretty cool.

Favorite three female game characters:

Samus, Aeris, the voice that says "you win!" in guitaroo man. she's funny.

Favorite game company:

oh i dunno. Bally/Midway for their pins and some of their early arcade games. Square/Enix.

Favorite game mascot:

no clue. The head that talks on the pinball machine "Funhouse".

Favorite game system:

i'm pretty happy with my PS2.

Favorite fighting game:

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is fun. Mortal Kombat 4. Powerstone. Killer Instinct 2. Super puzzle fighter 2. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Favorite RPG:

Final Fantasy Tactics. The original one for PS1.

Favorite adventure game:

zelda link to the past and super metroid.

Favorite party/multi-player game

wario ware

Favorite survival horror game:

Parasite Eve 2. And Eternal Darkness is pretty neat, but i've only ever watched it.

Favorite game storyline:

FFTactics might win this too. Maybe Mr. Driller.

Favorite game ending:

the ending to Final Fantasy X was pretty good. When i was *super* young i had an Atari ST computer and on it i had this Winnie the Pooh game that had a cool ending.

LEAST Favorite game ending:

1942. after a million stages of doing the same thing over and over again, eventually i got to the end, and after I beat the last boss, it just typed on the screen "CONGRATULATION" really slowly and then reset. whoo.

Favorite game intro:

Elevator Action. It's all about that "shimmy" sound that you made as you got to the end of the grapplihg hook before getting on your first elevator.

Favorite game music/soundtrack:

i'm not including music emphasis games because that's the purpose of them... i'm thinking more of background music. The first game i ever remember paying attention to the music for was the pinball machine Black Knight 2000. I like the music to SSX Tricky. And the music to xybots was nicely appropriate for the game.

Favorite game song/tune:

gee. i dunno.

Favorite game villain:

hm.... this is a tough one. Sephiroth was a neat character. Eve from Parasite Eve also.

Favorite game hero:

mario is an easy answer, but i still like him. Delita for sure.

Favorite game heroine:

i'm a fan of the main character of Parasite Eve. And i like Yuna. Samus.

Favorite movie based on a game:

a lot of people hated it, but i really liked the Super Mario Brothers movie. But i'm a big fan of Bob Hoskins. He's a genius.


2D or 3D?: 2D. 3D games can make me super dizzy.
Resident Evil/Biohazard or Silent Hill?: Parasite Eve. If i had to choose between these three, probably Silent Hill.
Onimusha or Tenchu?: I've never played Tenchu, so i couldn't say.
Zelda or Dark Cloud?: Zelda

Odds and Ends

What do you think is the most over-rated game?:

There was a lot of hype about Enter The Matrix, and the game just isn't that good.

Game you'd like to see be made into a feature film (animated or live action):

Fantavision. :) No, seriously, umm..... oh, i have no idea. Video games generally have better plots and better continuity over their movie counterparts. I can't think of anything that would be better if it were a movie.

Game series you want to continue:

DDR, iidx, other bemani. Wario Ware. Super Monkey Ball. They should bring back Parasite Eve. A long time in florida they beta tested an arcade version of Marble Madness 2, but it never made it off the ground, which pisses me off. Mr Driller needs a sequel, or at least the version that came out in Japan in 2002 needs to make it to america. and they need to bring back Trog. When i was at West Chester, there was one of these in my dorm. I was able to finish it with one credit. Took me about forty five minutes, i think... i don't remember how many warps i was able to take.

Game series you want to end:

they need to stop making fighting games with Ryu and Ken in it.

Game you'd like to see rehashed with new graphics and features:

Robotron 2084. Tron's Deadly Discs. Xybots.

Game you can play for hours, on end, without ever getting bored:

Mr. Driller 2. Beatmania iidx. Trog. Blockout. Mr. Do's Wild Ride. Excitebike. Tempest. Final Fantasy Tactics. Rogue.

Game character you'd use as a punching bag if he/she/it were real:

Princess Peach. Stop getting kidnapped.

What do you think is the hardest game ever?:

hmmm. I might have to say Rogue. I never finished it. I never even hit the point where you got the special device to let you start to go back up the dungeons as opposed to down. Once you got down to dungeon level 30 and lower and you had to start facing the Stupid Tough opponents, the game became *impossible*. I remember when i thought Trolls were tough, and then you go lower and have to fight whatever the X was. That game was a masterpiece.

wow. Talk about nostalgia. I'm sure i'm forgetting some important video games in my history too.

hmm... now i want to find a copy of Rogue and play it. maybe i'll see if anyone knows about it on bbsers.


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Apr. 18th, 2004 03:36 pm (UTC)
oh MAN. Elevator action kicked SO much ass :D
Apr. 18th, 2004 06:39 pm (UTC)
up up down down. . .
Loved super metroid.

And I'm stuck so far behind in my game playing that latest game console I have in N64, and I don't even play that one. I still sometimes play my NES and my SNES-- Glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets dizzy from 3D games.
Apr. 18th, 2004 08:20 pm (UTC)
Good taste! ;) Man, Mr. Driller kicks so much booty.

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