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LJ friends.

taken from catbus

"List everyone who is your friend on LJ and how you met them. Bold the names of the people you know or have met in person."

I'm actually extending this some to say a word or two about the people, which is making this whole entry into a three-four day project. It's long, but i feel the need to pay proper tribute to all of the people on my list. i don't expect everyone to read about everyone, but it'd be neat if some people did so that you know about the people in my life and what they mean to me, both close and casual.

advert_myths - a community i'm starting, but is low on the totem pole right now, focusing on finding the flaws and breaking down false promises by miracle products advertised on tv.

ask_muse - a casual general Q&A community. pretty low traffic.

bbsers - a community for those that used to be a part of the old BBS community before the internet became popular. back when the three modem speed options were 300, 1200, and 2400 baud. i remember how excited i was when 4800 baud came out. also pretty low traffic.

bemani - a random bemani community.

burb316 - chris, old west chester tuba guy. the first time i saw him, i immediately thought "a different version of woodj". He's a drill designer and music educator. Big and cuddly. i never had the pleasure of working with him, and it's possible that our teaching styles might have conflicted, but no doubt we could find some way to work together because we both have respect for each other and what we're all about.

camaroqt23 - peggy S. awesome cymbal player. sexy, smart, sweet, strong person, awesome person. she's in florida now doing some sort of criminal justice degree. i don't remember when i first met her. i think it was before we were both at Surf, but that might be false. It's nice that she feels she can confide in me about her big issues even after five years of only sporadic contact. She's fun to play pool with, even if the place charges too much.

catbus - phylicia. DDR player from portland, and someone who i can identify with when it comes to complicated relationship situations. I thought i first met her at Narrows Gamma, although she says we first met at a tourney at the All That, and when i think about it more, i think that's right. I know a lot more about her from her LJ than in person, and with us both knowing more about each other now, i bet we'd be able to figure each other out more in person too. I worry about her sometimes - i want her to make sure that she's happy for herself First and not have it be obscured by confusing feelings both outside and within. I've been there plenty of times.

composers_forum - a community for composers.

dci_members - a community for those who are marching in or have marched in a junior drum and bugle corps. it's moderated by angie. see spiffinfinate below.

ddr_fetish - a random DDR community.

diskozombie - Pete. a DDR guy from portland who also spins his own DJ stuff and is a music maker. i don't remember when i first met him. i want to say it was at that summer All That tourney, but i didn't really get to *know* him until i stayed at his place en route to Narrows. Pete's a great guy. Talented. awesome to hang out with, a caring individual for the people who he feels he has patience for. Being in customer service has made him increasingly hate Stupid People, but it doesn't come through too often except in his LJ which is a perfectly fine place to vent.

doozel - JR's brother. talented, super smart, impatient kind of guy. he had more tenor chops at age 14 than i had after marching in the crossmen. i think he's a genius. i'm assuming he's still living in PA somewhere. I have no idea when i first met him.

dr4b - Deanna. Seattle DDR player who i *sort of* met for the first time at the Narrows Gamma DDR tournament when we were at Wendys and she showed me pictures of her trip to Japan, but oddly enough, we knew each other about 10 years before when she was living in Pennsylvania because back then we were both BBSing and ran into each other on some of the boards. She definitely recognized my old handle rEoM, and after we talked, i'm positive she was on my BBS Dark Lightning. my memory is poor, though... i don't remember what her handle was anymore.

drinkycrow - Jim. old mate from Upper Merion High School. my earliest memory of him was when we were in marching band together, but i have less memories of when we were in it together over when i became the instructor. He can be a bit cocky, but at the same time he doesn't give himself enough credit for how talented he is. He had a gallery up recently in PA somewhere, and from what i remember, he was pretty happy with it. It'd be fun to shoot the shit with him after all these years.

dyaus7 - Tyler. my DDR mentor and awesome friend. I call him a national DDR legend. he's certainly a legend in the pacific northwest. and he absolutely kicks ass. for all of the talent he has, he is one of the more friendly, easygoing, and accomdating people i know. He's also very self-actualized - he knows where he stands and doesn't try to overplay or underplay it. I relate to him so well because i see similarities in our personalities, at least in how we interact with people and also how we both are exploreres and discoverers and how we never want that to stop. I am the DDR player I am because of him, and he also helps to enforce that the kind of person that i am, the personality i am that i see mirrored in him is a great personality to be. He and i want to open up a bemani arcade in Oregon, and if it wasn't for the fact that i'm going to be leaving fairly soon, i'd put some serious thought into it. I first met him because he was running a small DDR tourney at the EMU. That was before i knew he was a DDR player.

eldoles - Laura. I've already written about her fairly recently, and i don't want to repeat myself. i don't remember when we first met. it could have been at a party at Kurt's, but we might have been in a class or two together too here at the UofO.

eugenecommunity - a community for those living in Eugene, Oregon. Lately it's turned into a lot of promotional adverts for bands playing in the area.

farscapelives - a community that was dedicated to the Save Farscape Campaign back when the show was prematurely cancelled.

foxtr841 - Meredith. I've already written about her fairly recently, and i don't want to repeat myself again. I know that the first time i met her, i grouped her with Josh and Angelo, and for a while, it was "those three". I don't know when i started to see her as an individual away from those two, but it's a lot nicer now that those three are actually Individuals now in my mind. I think we all met just before the first DDR tourney i was in a couple of years ago.

gobuddygogogo - This is a journal that used to belong to Mandy (varpulis), but i guess she gave it to someone else.

grayscalewolf - Felix. My brother. I bet i met him not too long after i came out of the womb. He's awesome. smartest guy in the universe. he also has perfect pitch.

homestar_runner - a really active and somewhat strict community devoted to the homestar runner fans.

icab - a community dedicated to the Mac-only web browser iCab. it's my favorite web browser, but it's not very popular.

ilovethebeatles - Naima. Tyler(dyaus7)'s girlfriend. she's uber cool. I commented in her journal once because Andre pointed out to me that she was tyler's gf, and he said that she was a cool person. I *think* she replied to that comment, but it might have been one comment after that that she did, and then we added each other. We met for the first time at the no-bar DDR tournament at the EMU. She has absolutely stunning eyes, possibly topping Nick Buddock, who i have asserted for years and years as having the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen. but it's been years since i've seen him, and i'd have to put those two side by side to make a fair comparison.

interests - a community devoted to the sharing of why you have particular interests on your interests list.

jenni9 - a woman who marched in the Bushwackers and is a music educator. We don't really comment on each other's journals all that much. i have a great deal of respect for her, and she's had some neat things happen to her in the time since we first befriended each other, and i'm incredibly happy for her. and she has *cute* pets. i love hamsters.

jess2002far - also marched in the bushwackers and went to high school at chichester. she was in the band when i taught there that one fall. she has a nice mix of strong personality and strong opinions with the personality of a sweetheart. i dig her, even though i'm not that close to her.

kdungan - karen. clarinet player and music education person at the UofO, and one of my former aural skills students. i don't hang out with her or talk with her all that much, and that's a shame because she's really fucking cool. I remember when she came into my aural skills lab, she stuck out as being... not *shy* exactly, but just quiet. She kept to herself a lot, and didn't have a very present aura. i don't remember when i first noticed her personality open up or in what way it manifested, but i do remember that it was a pleasant surprise. she's a much more open person now, which is nice. i also seem to remember that she was going out with rory for a while, which would account for her being the closed person she was at the time. but i could be making memories up.

klavahole - this is my community devoted to the writings of steven brust, my favorite author hands down.

kosmickalyx - i met her on eugenecommunity. i commented in one of her eugenecommunity entries, and, because i thought she was cute, i also commented on one of her journal entries. since then we've both gone through a hell of a lot of life, and while we haven't always connected with each other actively about each others' lives, we definitely offer each other constant hugs and support. she's not the first person i would confide in with a problem, but she's definitely a comforting presence, and it's good to know that i can offer her comfort also. We've been meaning to get together to watch Farscape, but it's been hard for me to find the time and energy to take a trip up to meet her, for which i profusely apologize.

kyleward - DDR player from seattle. awesome double player, super smart, super cool, always fun to hang around. he's on the development team of In The Groove, and he recently got hired with UoW in their multimedia department, i think. we met for the first time at Narrows Gamma. He saw me playing double on an old 5th mix before we met properly. Tyler told me he was one of the best double players around, and i remember when i first saw him, i was surprised at how *big* he was. he looks like he should be playing football, not passing LoM on double. he's another one of the more laid back people i've ever met, even when he has to deal with conflicts. he'd make a great politician.

letlygirl - Leslie. cymbal player and drum major. i only met her a few times when i would hang out at 25 price street. she was cool, but i didn't get a true sense of her personality until we found each other on LJ. She's another one of those people who if i were to see again after all we've interacted with each other on LJ would give a big-ass hug to even though i don't think i've ever physically touched her in my life. That sentence was awkward. Anyway, she's a special person, and someone i would gladly hang out with on a consistent basis or help babysit or something like that if we ever lived in close proximity.

lj_maintenance - a community that keeps track of the technical aspects of LJ to its users.

marseille - i think she was one of the people who i met on randomquestions when that still existed. i might have commented on one of her journal entries, and we started from there. We aren't that close, and she doesn't post that often, but it's always nice to see her active and writing and get some sense of what's going on and what she's thinking.

maxpatches - this is my community that is devoted to the object-oriented programming language for MIDI, digital audio, and video called Max/MSP/Jitter.

mesinfo - this was a journal of my friend at the UofO, but she only ever set it up and never used it.

mmicahk - Micah is a former student of mine from Washington Township. He was a clarinet player, but he didn't like it all that much, so he switched to percussion. I think that's the story. I remember at some point he told me some story about how he almost decided to not try percussion because of discouragement he got from someone... might have been dave britton. oooh... no... it was brian, whose last name i forget. At least i think so. it was a long time ago. I remember my first impression of him was, "this is one smart guy." even though it was his first year on bass drum, i had a high degree of confidence in his intelligence and adaptability so i never had to worry too much about him doing the job right. Figadigadigadat!

mmmbopthis - amelia. every now and again i go through my friends' friends list and look for interesting people or people i might know. When i came up on amelia's profile, her userpic was that of Grant Linsell (sp?), so i commented on one of her entries at random asking whether or not that was really Grant, and she said yeah. Then, Sarah Nelson commented on that comment explaining who i was, and from then we hit it off real well. she's neat. a well-rounded personality, someone who is simultaneously comfortable with and yet still trying to discover who she is. She seems to be the kind of person that could brighten up anyone's day even if they're in a super crappy mood.

moon_rider - this is the more literary journal of kosmicalyx.

mrsprinkle - former student at Washington Township and Jersey Surf. He's a big hockey fan, and we've always had a healthy rivalry going on. He has a lot of layers that seem to contradict themselves, and when i knew him in high school, i couldn't believe that he could keep it all striaght in his head. maybe he didn't and that's why it was so contradictary. Playing tenors and drums was always an uphill battle for him in the context of the school he went to. He was tense and unnatural, and it was a very gradual process to chip away at that and get him to relax. But he stuck out as being a smart inidvidual, one who had the instinct for assessing and analyzing, and he worked his ass off. i don't know too much about his personality now - his LJ gives some sense of him, but i feel like i'm not quite getting the whole picture. but maybe that's because i just don't read him as well, or he doesn't express himself completely on LJ.

nabikchan - DDR player from colorado that i met on one of the DDR communities on LJ. I don't really know a lot about her, but we've chatted once or twice and commented on each others' jouranls every now and again. I'd love to meet her in person - she seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with, and doing so might help me get a better read on her personality and her "voice" when she writes about her daily life in her LJ. What sticks out to me most about her aside from all of her bemani stuff is that she's a great artist - i love looking at her art.

news - the community devoted to current events on LJ.

otterlicious - rachel. she's become one of my closer friends in eugene. we have a fun friendship. some sexual tension which can't go anywhere since i'm in a super happy monogamous relationship. She's a nice mix of older and younger for her age. There are some key elements of her personality that remind me of me when i was younger, which contributed to me becoming open to her faster than i normally do with people. We have air hockey/DDR appointments twice a week, and they're always good times. We met on LJ, either through randomquestions or eugenecommunity. We met for the first time in person at Borders. She's not sure why i like her so much, even when i tell her that she's a great person and has been a great friend to me.

pearlbd - Dennis. One of the original BD! He went to downingtown high school, and then he was in the West Chester marching band with us even though he didn't go to West Chester University. He marched in the Cadets bass line one year... i forget which one. it might have been 1998. I remember him being this tall, sarcastic guy. a great bass drummer, and fun to hang around. He doesn't post in his LJ all that often anymore, though recently i think he said something about getting a house of some sort. I think we met when i was teaching at downingtown and he was still a student there.

pearllessoyster - Sarah. tuba player. i've heard from her friends that she's a Super Genius, and though i haven't personally been witness to this yet, i believe it undoubtedly. She's a fun, sunny kind of personality. She reminds me of a version of me that i wish i had gone through in my undergrad, at least to a degree. She's freakin' awesome, and someone who i should make the time to hang out with more. I met her when she was my student at Willamette. She's marching baritone with the Seattle Cascades this summer, with the ultimate goal of marching contra at the Blue Devils.

pegnut - *smiles* words don't even begin to express what peggy means to me. One day a couple of years ago, i was hitting "random" on LJ and i found her, and she had just written this entry that i could have copied word for word and called mine - not just from what was written, but *how* it was written - the style, the words that were used, the mental images. It was scary just how deeply that entry spoke to me right away. I responded saying as such, and we started emailing and then talking, and we became closer friends in the span of weeks than i have with other people in years. We've gone through a *lot* of life together... we affectionately call each other "twins" because we're so alike. She's beautiful, a talented artist, a kick-ass cook, and one of the warmest, caring, and sweetest people i know. I trust her utterly with my life, my heart, and my soul. We're not the greatest at keeping contact these days, but it doesn't matter, because i know that our friendship will never ever break. i love her to death. i can't *wait* to meet her in person.

perpetual_story - a "writer's roulette" community that never quite made it off the ground.

platypi25 - Sean. a smart guy who has general disdain for anyone who he deems not as smart as him. He exudes this incredibly outgoing and tough exterior, but deep down and inside he's a pussycat who doesn't always know how to deal with his innermost emotions. He's an awesome cymbal player and an awesome bass drummer, one of the other BD i marched with along with Dennis, and one of the 25 price crew along with JR, Nick, and Doozel. he marched in the Crossmen cymbal line and the Bushwackers cymbal line and bass line. I forget where he went to high school. Phoenixville, maybe. Oooh... or maybe Souderton with Doug Lieux as his drum instructor. I miss hanging out with him. We have dreams of getting the old BD back together at some senior corps. He and Dennis have stated that if i were to march somewhere they'd come out and march with me. I doubt that beth, charlie, and frank would want to reform the original bass line again, but maybe we could persuade Nick and JR to march and make a 5 man bass line that would kick ass.

raverbunnie - honestly, i don't know too much about her. I know she's a DDR player in portland and a good friend of Pete, and i know that she plays a lot of musical instruments, and i think she was the first one to explain to me exactly what bubble tea was, along with pete. she's fun, someone i'd love to hang out with the next time i take a trip to Portland to DDR, along with Pete, Phylicia, etc. You guys need to help me lose my bubble tea virginity.

regurgitate - an alternate journal of xhighlifex. I don't think she uses it.

rhinoracer - Jamey. He doesn't like me, though it's not personal. I was pretty much the catalyst for his relationship with Rachel going sour. He works in X-ray at the hospital in Eugene. He has his issues, but i think he's a great guy. He has a great heart which is sometimes obscured by his insecurities. In a recent LJ entry he wrote that he's starting to discover contentedness and happiness again, which is a good start. I wish him the best of luck in his life. We met for the first time at Putters. I wrote a long entry about him not too long ago, but it's friends only and moderately filtered, as i talk about some parallels between him and someone named Grant who i was having big issues with at the time.

ruxtomikron - UofO guy who i've started associating with as a pool player as opposed to a musician or a marching band member. I don't know him terribly well as most of our interaction has been in the music or pool context and we haven't really gotten to know each other as people, but we get along, i like him. he wants to try to get into the electronic music program at the UofO, and while i don't know much about his creative music endeavors, he portrays a decent artstic vision aura that i bet he would fit pretty well, so long as he can jump the hoop of the steps to get to where he needs to go. I have no idea when i first met him.

rychan_ofbemani - nabichan's bemani accomplishment journal.

scapers - a farscape community.

scorppoett - Rita. I think we met on randomquestions, and then i might have commented on something in her journal. *turns head side to side* i'm not sure what to say about her. She's a wonderful writer. Her entries always seem to have great thought behind them, or at least they are very articulate. I know that she does that deliberately - she feels self-conscious about writing entries that don't have Meaning and Focus. Sometimes she has problems figuring out the best way to express herself, but our personalities are alike enough that i can sometimes read between the lines, which, in addition to some choice advice and comfort, has made us closer friends. She struggles with the role that LJ has in her life which has caused her to delete her journal once or twice, and that's always made me sad. It still makes me sad that she doesn't write more often in her LJ, but it's her journal, not mine.

shandrew - i think he's a distant cousin of mine. He's anorher one who i knew a long time ago when i was living in PA, and i think i met when i went to a Taiwanese American Conference. For sure he used to log on to BBSes back in the day, and he along with Deanna reminded me of people like Hubie Chen (the insane brain) and other people. I think it was through Deanna that i found him on Livejournal. He's living in California now working for Yahoo.

sharethejoy - a music sharing website, as in "i think this band is cool." nothing extraordinary.

silent_mistress - someone else i met on randomquestions. At the time she was in an abusive relationship, and I helped her get out of it. The guy was an asshole to an extreme extent - if she wanted to, i bet she could have sued for harrassment. We don't really interact with each other all that much anymore, but i still read her entries, and it's nice to see that although she can still be edgy and bitter, she's definitely in a more stable place, especially since she's had some teaching experience under her belt. She thinks she's ugly, which just ain't true - she might not fit into the society's stupid standards of "beautiful", but i still think she's cute.

siren52684 - on one of the LJReview communities, stacey was assigned to me to review my journal, and she gave me a great review. I had her on my friends list so she could look at some of my friends-only entries, and then i just decided to not take her off. We don't always have a lot to say to each other, but i still like her. She's pretty, fun, and exudes a strong personality. She has a passion for horses and equestrianism (if that's a word), and it's neat to look at those entries and get a glimpse of a world i know nothing about. She's also the one that posted the awesome drinking game for Bush's state of the union address (drink on every mention of "terrorism", "iraq", "war", and maybe something else), which i wish i could have done. i would have gotten drunk super fast.

smooth102 - Kelly. Went to Chichester high school, and she's currently in the military. She's going to be stationed in california at some point soon - i forget when. I always got along with her, and i like her, though she seems to have a bad rep with some of my close West Chester friends. *shrug* they're entitlted to their opinion, but i'll stick with what i know until i'm proven otherwise. She has no less issues than half of the other people i know - she just doesn't hide it as well, which if dealt with correctly is more of a strength as opposed to a weakness. Her decision to go into the military seems to have been a really good one for her - she was having some problems finding direction or stability while at home in PA. She needed a change and a fresh start, and it seems like she's found it, and resultingly is more independent and more sure about herself. it's awesome.

specter_13 - Andre. DDR player who graduated from the UofO with a degree in journalism i think. I don't remember when i first met him, but i do know that in the time i've known him, he's improved as a DDR player tenfold. Andre has a nice, simple, honest loyalty when it comes to his friends. He'll bend over backwards for any of his friends in need. He's got some good street smarts and kitchen smarts and tries really hard to be a good person.

spiffinfinate - Angie. purple_thread's sister. Awesomeness and talent must run in the family. She's great. She's a trumpet player and a music education major with such *enthusiasm* for music, for teaching, for life. I know without a doubt that she's going to be a great music teacher, and she's going to touch the lives of so many students. *smiles* It took her a while to warm up to me because she has a general bias against "drummers", but since then Peggy has told me that she thinks i'm really cool, which coming from her is *incredibly* sweet. She's the moderator of dci_members, and she's marching in Capitol Regiment this summer. i look forward to meeting her in person some day.

suerocks - sue kicks ass not just for beating hodgkins disease but for not losing her love of life and her personality because of it. she's a mallet player, a former student of Washington Township, and someone who dated for a couple of months. She's nifty. Talented, dedicated, and relaxed at the same time. She's changed some since i hooked up with her on LJ over when i knew her in New Jersey - grown up a lot without losing her youthfulness. I'd love to go out drinking with her and Mandy and just bullshit all night or go dancing and make an ass out of myself or play pool. She's an easy choice of someone i'd call on a friday night and say, "let's hang out."

surveyfun - a community devoted to survey answering. one of the first communities i ever joined.

terani - I met rani so long ago that i don't remember what the circumstances were. Chances are it was at one of Eric Cheung's gatherings. She's a wonderful person... smart, sweet, loyal, witty, sarcastic, well-rounded, and independent. We've had a lot of history together, something we reflected upon recently - we joked about how both of us are in monogamous relationships right now and wondering when the world was going to explode. We were really attracted to each other when we were teenagers, but for one reason or another we never took a great deal of advantage of the opportunities we had, which we both mockingly regret. She's a wonderful writer, a dear friend, and i'm glad that she's finally found a guy that she's happy with.

toastercookie - Angelo. One of the three South Eugene high school students (along wtih Mer and Josh) who is a talented DDR fanatic. Angelo is an interesting character. He seems to have an endless amount of mental energy and only a slightly lower amount of physical energy. He has a "brute force" kind of personality, both in how he interacts with people and how he plays bemani video games. I bet many a DDR sensor had to be replaced to due to him. He's diversified in his talents and in his dedication and in his visions, even though he's still a young kid, which works both for him and against him sometimes. The story about how he came up with his username is one of the best username stories i've ever heard. Had something to do with how he turned to two random pages in the dictionary and chose the two words that were at the top of each of them, and they happened to be "toaster" and "cookie".

tromeroats - Marcus. UofO marching band guy, part of the Willamette field staff this past fall. He's a great guy, has a really good relationship with his friends and his co-workers and with his students. He's a friendly and super-enthusiastic individual, confident, but not so confident as to ignore outside perspectives or lack respect for those that might think differently than him. He always keeps his eyes and ears open for new things, and then he seems to easily figure out what will help him over what isn't so important to him. The positive energy he exudes is just downright contagious. He's the kind of person who will tackle even the worst situations with a determined smile of optimism on his face. He's incredibly dependable, and i hope he has the opportunity to be on the Willamette staff again next year.

trunks7j - Josh, Mer's boyfriend. The kind of guy who can go without playing DDR for months and then step in and SDG a ridiculous tune like Orion.78 civ. He's a genius with too many interests between making music, playing jazz guitar, programming in Linux, kicking ass in iidx, and who knows what else. He's like Tyler in that he's pretty self-actualized about who he is - he's not over or under confident about his strengths and weaknesses. He has a cool head and balances well between his absolute Geekdom and his social personality.

truthmonkey42 - Raj. One of my old high school buddies. we were in band, choir, and some sort of anime and rpg club together. i don't know how to describe him. He's just simply a great guy. A genuinely kind person all around, and a pretty talented individual. it'd be awesome to hang out with him again and just *talk* to him for an hour or two or more, just to share our brains together. I could have an endless conversation with him and i doubt we'd ever get bored.

varpulis - Mandy. a former student at Washington Township, and subconsciously the person who influenced my current haircut. She's so... *her*. I don't know how to explain it other than that. She's always been herself and only herself and comfortable being herself. i'm going to miss her when she moves out of the country, even though i haven't seen her in person for over five years. I have absolute confidence that she's going to be successful in her life... she wouldn't allow herself to be otherwise, and she has the willpower to make anything happen.

xhighlifex - Kels is proof that two people can have such different ideas about how to live life and have conflicting life philosophies and yet repsect each other and be good friends. We met on randomquestions, but we became friends because we started talking about the analogies between me having perfect pitch and her having achromatopsia, and we started talking about relationships and such. She's very strong-willed, sometimes short-tempered, but it seems like she always has to face a lot of confrontation for just having an unpopular opinion, which is ridiculous. I care a great deal about her and about her relationship with her boyfriend, and i give her as much support and acceptance as i can, especially because there are so many inconsiderate people out there who are quick to judge her and disrespect the person she is.

yookoso - Scott. The first time i met him was when me, him, kurt, and i think one other person were all in a group comp lesson with Rob Kyr. Scott has a great heart, but he has a lot of insecurities in his personality that he deals with by trying to be overly Alpha Male. I think part of that came from his experiences at the UofO - the environment here tended to make the worst of everyone's personality come out. Since he's moved out of Eugene, he's mellowed a lot more and the cool person that he Really Is has dominated more of his every day personality, which is nice. beneath his cutting humor, sarcasm, and competitiveness, he's really a gentle and kind soul, and he's a good friend.

wow. that was a freakin' project and a half.


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Apr. 19th, 2004 04:23 am (UTC)
Mr. Lee,
Chris - who's Chris? We did too work together. Washington TWP, 1998, Shapes and Colors and crap on the field. My Name is Mud, 311 in the book. Come on, it was only 6 years ago. Are you losing it that fast ;-) its ok. Alot of people think of me as an extension of woodg, he was awesome. Thanks bro
Apr. 19th, 2004 10:55 am (UTC)
Re: EDIT.......
yeah, now that you mention it, i guess we did work together on that shape year... but a) unfortunately because i was up on the Box a whole lot and trying to deal with Todd bullshit, the staff on the field were kind of classified as "staff on the field" for me more than anything else - if i didn't think too hard, i would have forgotten that Scott was my main drum guy. And I remember Josh being on staff only because he annoyed me so much and tried to go behind my back to tell Celeste how to conduct. :) But if there was any other staff... i couldn't tell you... and b).. there's a lot of that year that i'm honestly trying to block out. *wry smile* It was a great time, but also a stressful one. I did what i could, but as a rookie at teaching music ensemble, i could have chosen a smaller band with more sensible drill to get used to it first. If i had the experience i have now, i could have done better things with that band.
Apr. 19th, 2004 07:55 am (UTC)
YOU'RE a sweet heart!!! I dig you too :)

Apr. 19th, 2004 08:25 am (UTC)
Aw gee... :p

♥ N
Apr. 19th, 2004 08:52 am (UTC)
<3 WUV <3 Dude, Lainii and I will totally help you lose your bubble tea virginity. We know just the place.

So I'm moving in 2 weeks and I will finally be in an actual apartment again with an actual living room with an actual couch, so you are TOTALLY welcome to come crash anytime you wanna kick it in P-Town. I'd be more than happy to have ya up here for a visit.
Apr. 19th, 2004 10:26 am (UTC)
*read some of it* from what I did read, nice little reflections. :3

In response to the one about me - ty. :D But like... sorry whenever I may get you worried. I just vent my emotions out and act like a pity whore, and then later on I'm afraid everyone's gonna be worrying a bit over me. I'm not that big on concealing my emotions, but I don't want anyone stressin' over me. Thanks a lot, though :)

Yeah, we met at Eugene big summer tourney and I believe you won second to me in Standard, I took the money and gave you the 1st place prize pads... hehe (I hope you didn't mind XD). That tourney was the first time I met you and everything before you were an active user on Infinity, so you were brand new to me. I saw you the second time at Gamma, yes :)

I'd love to see you whenever you come up or I/we come down. Bubble teaaa, yeah :D Well Mendel, I will see you soon.
Apr. 19th, 2004 11:01 am (UTC)
duh... forgot about the fact that we competed in standard together. :p

hehe. you know how many times i've used this home pad? ;) i should auction it or give it away. i hardly play ddr at home at all anymore.
Apr. 19th, 2004 02:33 pm (UTC)
Dennis actually marched 4 years at Cadets, and was the bass tech in 02. And I did go to P-ville, Doug taught there one year, so thatd explain the confusion.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 19th, 2004 10:35 pm (UTC)
If I weren't edgy or bitter I wouldn't be me. :D
Apr. 20th, 2004 02:48 am (UTC)
you have no idea how complimentary that was.
Apr. 20th, 2004 01:57 pm (UTC)
You're the best Mendel! You need to come back so we can hang now that we know each other :)
Apr. 20th, 2004 11:27 pm (UTC)
I think you made a lot of people happy with this! I'm thinking I need to do one too, because some people may not know how much I appreciate/like them.

I love what you said about me because it's exactly who I try to be...dedicated but relaxed, grown up but youthful. I would go dance or play pool with ya anytime.
Apr. 25th, 2004 01:31 pm (UTC)
"He can be a bit cocky, but at the same time he doesn't give himself enough credit for how talented he is."

that was me! a walking, talking contradiction.
whoo hoo!
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