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this month flew by.

holy shit, it's almost may.

what the fuck. last i knew, it was middle of march.

time needs to slow down. not a lot, just a little. right now, my awareness of time is such that days go by before i keep track of them again. Not that i like it when i track every second of every minute of every day, but it would be nice to be able to... savor days more. feel every day and take each one for whatever good or bad it's worth.

i mean, i never want to be in a position where i can comfortably say, "i've had a [insert descriptive word here] month." it's not that i want to ignore the big picture, it's just that i don't want it to be more important than being able to say, "i've had a [word] day," or even, "i've had a [word] afternoon."

one of the things i miss about drum corps tour is that while immersed in it, it took away the meaning of weeks. It was easy to forget what day of the week it was because every day you did the same thing regardless of whether it was a weekday or weekend. People are able to easily keep track of weeks because there's almost a national standard attitude about weekdays vs. weekends.

i know people that like that kind of regularity and tracking - it's important for them to know what day of the week it is just for the fact that it is That Day of the Week vs. any practical reason like when South Park is going to come on.

me, i distinguish between days for convenience, but i wish i didn't have to rely upon it so much. I'd like to have some sort of job where every week i work on different days, maybe beyond my control, so i don't settle myself into that sort of regularity.

anyway. this month flew by. i didn't get nearly enough done. i think that was the bottom line.


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Apr. 22nd, 2004 12:43 pm (UTC)
heh. life has been flying by for me too, for obvious reasons.

i don't think there's really a problem with saying "i've had a crazy month" though. if it was a GOOD month, then that's good, too.
Apr. 22nd, 2004 02:05 pm (UTC)
I kinda knew what day of the week it was on tour, just because we polished the cymbals every saturday...big shows and all.
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