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cisco 675

my internet has been essentially down for almost two days.

i guess the external cisco modem i have is pretty old and phasing out. the word that tech support used was "capped". maybe a capped circuit. but the result was that the people working at tech support have little experience with the router i have.

So when i came up on this nifty little problem of "IM works, but the web doesn't. loads at about 135 bps and then stalls and fails", they were confused. never seen it before.

but *i* have.

maybe one year ago, this tech support guy helped me with what i seem to remember is exactly the same problem. What i had to do wasn't merely go into CBOS and reset all the settings. I had to do this Extra Special Thing to wipe the entire router clean. Basically force it into its "assembler" mode and erase sector 6, which i guess is the universal wipe.

After that happened, i wrote it down on a sticky on my old computer. i'm sure that if i hadn't, i'd be calling tech support to say, "i need a new router... this one's broke."

moral of the story: virtual stickies are your friend.


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Apr. 24th, 2004 08:34 am (UTC)
That particular modem has had a lot of difficulties for people. I remember there was a firmware virus a couple years ago that only affected the cisco 675 modems. I remember raking in the cash for a week or so as I ran around Eugene, wiping routers and restarting connections.
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