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airport adventures

Maybe it's because i was tired. i doubt it. But regardless, this whole airport deal was definitely one of the more surreal traveling experiences i've had.

first of all, i didn't realize until i had to go through the security point that it's *not* just sharp objects that could be used as a weapon that i'm not allowed to possess as a carry-on. Any tool whatsoever is prohibited. The idea is that i shouldn't have the ability to take apart key components of the aircraft or some shit. So resultingly I had to give up my two sets of allen wrenches, my ratchet (though he let me keep the 5/16 bit), and my Pearl drum key.

The first flight was a bit bumpy, but overall not too bad. I didn't really notice the person sitting next to me - didn't give her much attention even when she was glancing at my music writing. She had a lot of makeup on, and she was reading a cosmo.

Then, right at the end of the flight, we struck up small conversation. She's a grad student at the UofO in finance. Supposed to end this year, crossing her fingers, blah blah. The interesting thing about it all was that i'm pretty sure she was coming on to me. She gave me big smiles, and after we got off the flight, she caught up to me to chat as we walked towards the terminal. I said, "i have no idea where i'm going," and she said, "i know the airport pretty well. why don't you stick by me?" And she made some sort of comment about how her flight to new york might get cancelled because of the weather and maybe my flight would be too, and we'd be stuck in a hotel. She showed me to where my shuttle was to the right terminal and she was hoping that we were taking the same shuttle, but we weren't. We waved goodbye to each other.

The thing is that my flight wasn't for another three or so hours. If i really wanted to, i could have probably stayed in that area for a while, found an abandoned bathroom, had a quick fling, or at least some good flirting. But the circumstances weren't quite right. She wasn't quite attractive enough, i wasn't quite awake enough, and i was still having mixed emotions - depression about minna's absence, anticipation of seeing kim. The potential was there, i just didn't grab it. *shrug*

The Seattle to Detroit part of the flight had odd moments. One, it's been over a year since i've flown, way longer than that since i've flown on a flight at a time when people normally go to sleep. I had a lot of problems trying to sleep, so i only ended up getting a couple of hours. Second, the flight wasn't supposed to go to Detroit, it was supposed to go to Baltimore. But i guess there was a Detroit stop that Orbitz failed to mention because it was the same flight number and the same plane, just another touchdown.

The steward/esses were a bit unorganized for that bit too, or maybe they just didn't care. We got into Detroit a bit late, and it was a last minute after announcement when one of the stewardesses said, "oh, and for those going on to baltimore, this is your plane." no problem. So those of us who were continuing on stayed on the plane. After everyone left, the security/cleaning people came in and informed the steward/esses that everyone had to get off in order to do the security/cleaning thing. And we had to take our carry ons with us. This made several people grumble. I thought it was surprising that the steward/esses were so misinformed.

So okay, i reboard the plane, put my stuff in my seat, realize i left my sweater outside, go back outside, get it. I sneak past the boarding gate with no one the wiser, and go to my seat, and there are these two cute black kids in the seats next to me. I almost say hello, but as soon as i get in there, a woman in 21C (i was in D of DEF) told me "excuse me sir, that's our seat."

I say, "no, it's mine," and vaguely wave my ticket. She says, "well, i have six tickets here for this row..." and ruffles through them. Her tickets are labelled 21A, 21B, 21C, 39A, 39B, and 39C. But she doesn't notice. She just figures that she has a row all to herself because A) she requested it, and B) that's the way it was set up in her previous flight. I notice, but i don't say anything. Wait for the proper authorities.

The stewardess comes around and points it out to her, and she gets a bit snotty, but justifiably so. "I'm not going to separate my children. I want to make sure they're all close by." She takes a small attitude with me about it too, mainly silent treatment and a neutral/cold stare, but i play the scapegoat in stride. No use getting in a big huff.

They eventually moved her and her kids, but the odd thing is that when the stewardess was first talking about it, she said, "there's nothing we can do because it's a full flight." But then when she ended up getting reseated for a row all by herself, there was only one person that replaced her in row 21C, so 21A and 21B were open.

The other thing that was odd to me is that a guy in front of me asked for an apple juice, and he got a cup of ice and the can of apple juice. I asked for an apple juice, and she poured the apple juice in the cup and didn't give me the can. That's why i *asked* for the apple juice in the first place instead of orange juice. I wanted the can. Oh well. And the guy in front of me didn't end up drinking his at all. He gave it to the woman sitting next to him and got tea instead.

I'm sure that there's more stuff that happened, but that's the stuff that sticks out in my brain right now. Oh. That and i thought that in general all of the stewards were much more atractive than the stewardesses, but that could have just been the makeup involved.


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Dec. 27th, 2002 02:35 am (UTC)
ms. a, airport hijinks (not highjackings)
first of all, i want ten dollars every time my name is mentioned in an entry!

second, your trip sounds surreal. much worse than mine. i only had extreme turbulence to deal with which is like a roller-coaster ride, but much sharper. i almost got sick to my stomach. yours reminds me of the times i've stayed in airports during the night. there is a surreal quality to those trips and to flying at night. i like it, though.

third, you should have grabbed your fling opportunity while you had the chance, but i bet you could find her again knowing she's a grad student at the u of o. never let a little makeup put you off! remember, you can introduce her to the joys of soap or barring that, turn off the lights. sorry. that's the male in me coming out. i'm stuffing him back in again.

fourth, i am in complete agreement with you about the male flight attendants vs. the female flight attendants. the guys tend to be attractive or at least presentable while the females are scary-looking, like the wives from manos, hands of fate.

fifth, hope you're having a grand time out in the east. eat a philly cheesesteak for me, will ya?
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