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the mall trip

This wouldn't be too worthy of mention except that this mall was a strange one - i would guess it's a mall of recent *construction* as opposed to severe renovation. Some of the stuff about it didn't seem to be of the "upgrade your mall look" variety.

The first impression I got of the mall was looking at it from the parking lot. It's built in a semi-oval design, and the outside wall of the building isn't a neutral colored brick with placards that name the stores. Every store had their own outside wall *design*. The Crayola Company's outside wall had a bunch fo bright colors and crayola crayon things. The Saks had a big design on the wall too. It gave the building a strange feel, one i couldn't quite figure out.

It's a single story place with stores on the outside ring of the semi-oval and stores on the inside of the semi-oval. The walkway has tvs every now and again to play some sort of music video or a Zales advert or a movie trailer. The air in the mall was really strange and actually gave me a headache for the first half hour i was in it.

There was one big entertainment center in the place, and it was *really* odd. You go in, and there are a bunch of skee ball things, some video poker like things, other silly nonsense. Then there's more standard kinds of video games, mainly racing or fighting or shooting. Then there's a corner with some big projection screens of a video game called "Virtual Bowling" or something like that which is essentially a large Marble Madness with a bowlign theme. There's a full liquor bar in the center of this place, and also a place to eat food. Not that many pinball machines. You walk to the back, and there's an opening that leads to the bowling alley, sports bar, and pool hall. Liquor and beer can be served there too.

It was just strange. I felt like it was trying to take six or seven different target audiences and put them all together in one compressed setting. You had the little kids running around in one corner, had the older people at the bar drinking or eating food, had the college kids at the bar or playing some of the racing games, and you had the mix of people who like to bowl or shoot pool. None of those people really belonged in the same room together, yet there they were.

Hmm... i'll have to finish this later. There's definitely more to tell.


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Dec. 28th, 2002 02:51 am (UTC)
ms. a, boo hiss on the metreon
yeah, the metreon is a trip. i avoid it as much as possible. it's a place to take people from out of town (much like the megamall back in mn), but not a place i like to hang. the metreon is mostly geared towards uber-hip people, but it's also designed to lure the tourists with the big bucks. since i am neither and i do not like big crowds to boot, i stay the hell away from it.

p.s. hey, grayscalewolf, i'm glad you're writing again. i was jonesin' for a fix!
Dec. 28th, 2002 06:40 pm (UTC)
i think i've only been to the metreon once, so i can't make a good comparison.
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