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well, two of three isn't bad.

there were three things i wanted to happen in this round of the playoffs:

a) i wanted detroit to lose. b) i wanted the flyers to win. c) i wanted colorado to win.

a) came to pass yesterday. b) came to pass today. c) didn't happen. Colorado lost.

i'm kind of bummed because Colorado is my favorite team, but i'm also really happy for the San Jose Sharks... they remind me a lot of the Minnesota Wild and Mighty Ducks of last year - they're the underdogs, a young team with some really talented players. It wasn't a fluke that they won the series... it would have just been nice to see colorado dig themselves completely out of their 3-0 hole and come back to make NHL history.

ah well.

Now, i want two things to pass: a) I want San Jose to win their conference, and b) i want the flyers to win their conference.

it'd be super neat if San Jose won the Cup, even though due to old loyalty i have to root for the flyers.

anyway. i've been having some re-evaluation issues with my LJ, not unlike what Rita went through. not as extreme as her, but it's something i need to deal with or get over just to put myself back in a state of LJ stability.

for those that read down this far, i'm still making a slow, but i think steady recovery. having some insecurity issues about... going back to being somewhat paranoid that everyone is either sick of me or is getting close to being sick of me. i know it's in my own head, but sometimes it seems so real.

could be a residual of the general depression i've been feeling. depression can make me clingy, and i don't have a lot of people of which to outlet that clinginess, and i feel awkward and bad asking for it sometimes.



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May. 5th, 2004 06:37 am (UTC)
I wonder if the paranoid of everyone getting sick of you is more aimed to people you know irl. I figure it is, but for my part, I'm not even close to getting sick of you-- never even entered my mind. And actually, I think it would be nice one day to meet you over coffee or tea. *hug*
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