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the mall trip part II

Before we did any real shopping, we stopped at the food court to eat. It was pretty big, nothing really exciting in terms of choices - pretty typical. It always fascinates me how big the lines are for things like burger king or subway or the like, and yet the place where I got food, some cajun asian something or other, there was no line at all.

Two other things that were odd about the food court. One, there were about fifteen or sixteen choices of food set up in a semi-circle, but somewhere in the middle of it, there were two stores that were *not* food. One was a vision center, and the other was a wireless phone store. They looked very out of place. Two, once we were finished eating and got up to walk away, some sort of entertainment started up in the center. A couple of speakers were up that started playing some spanish music, and these men and women in spanish costumes started doing some sort of dance right in the middle of the food court.

after eating, we did some miscellaneous shopping - we were looking for new sneakers and a new jacket for me, and she also had an Old Navy gift card to use up. And i figured out that it must be Oregon that has issues with all black sneaks, because i found a pair pretty easily for about $40. New Balance. I'm wearing them right now. They're comfy.

There was an Eddie Bauer outlet store at this mall too. drooool. Lots of good stuff for cheap. The sweater i lost in Oregon was on the racks for $15, but i didn't buy it because I like my newer sweater better and they had some of those for cheap too. I was considering getting a maroon one, but I didn't get it, saying that I wanted to think about it after we saw the movie.

But the big disheartening thing is that there was a jacket there. Obviously old design, but it was still pretty nice. I really liked how it looked, and so did Kim. Plus it had two different layers in it, one on the inside that could be taken off in case you just wanted to wear the outer layer for warmer temperatures. The original price was $150, and it was marked down to $80. But alas, it was a medium. The sleeves were too short. I couldn't get it. (Bought a jacket today though. Not so high class, just a comfortable normal looking jacket for $50. I might stop by the Eddie Baure outlet store in Woodburn on the drive back to Eugene and see if i can find something else to spend money on, though.)

After a mixture of successful and unsuccessful shopping, we went to see Star Trek Nemesis. We were able to pay for it using a self-service ticket thingy. That was very cool. A lot cooler than the movie was. *sigh.* I like giving Star Trek the benefit of the doubt, particularly TNG because i like a lot of the cast members on it. But the film was just... bad. Strong parts, but overall i didn't feel like it did the series justice.

We did find a DDR machine that you could only access in the movie theater past the ticket usher. The machine was in okay condition, but only okay. The right arrow wouldn't register some of the time, and one of the arrows on the Player-2 side was broken. It was also 4 tokens to play as opposed to 2. Pricey. There was a small line of people, people were impressed with me, but i wasn't happy with how i did. It's amazing how much a couple of days off from DDRing can play havoc with my stamina. I should have warmed up a bit better too - i made the mistake of doing a 9-footer as my second choice. It was one i knew i could do, but my legs weren't happy with me.

Anyway, overall the mall experience was pretty wacky. It didn't feel to me like a mall should feel. It was too flashy, too loud. Tried too hard to be cool. I bet more malls constructed in the future will be more like this one, and it makes me want to start some kind of "Save the old malls!" campaign like the "Save the antique neighborhood" ones.


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