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directors over anything else

before i saw Hellboy, i looked at adverts for Riddick and thought, "that looks pretty good."

after Hellboy, i'm a lot more skpetical, because Hellboy was just horrible, and then i discovered the reason why. The director/writer doesn't know how to write a script. I mean... Blade II was horrible.

the director of Riddick has done some movies i've heard of, but none i've ever seen. Pitch Black had Claudia Black in it, but i heard she died early in the movie and that the movie wasn't that good. G.I. Jane seemed like a decent movie, just not the kind of movie i'm into.

no real point to the entry. just a reminder that i should trust that i don't want to see this movie unless someone can convince me otherwise and something else to distract this mood that i'm in. nothing's changed, and nothing's going to change for a while, but i just have to deal.


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May. 25th, 2004 02:29 pm (UTC)
the big problem i had with hellboy mainly had to do with script writing. the dialogue just didn't flow for me, and lines were cheesy, and i *knew* they were going to do a Matrix thing and bring back to life that female character at the end, even though i had high hopes that they would be more tasteful than that.

Spiderman had some of those issues too, but i think that it pulled it off better - i remember watching and thinking, "this isn't great but it's good."

i have a bit more faith in the director of Riddick because of his resume, but i still hae to be skeptical due to the trailers - hyping up the special effects and the action, but the dialogue in the trailers make me think that the script will be bad. Granted, it's hard to get a feel for how the script is from snippets of lines here and there in the trailers, but it just makes a bad impresion on me because the trailers remind me of the trailers to Hellboy, and it biases me against it.

i'm tired. i don't remember what i wrote in the beginning of that paragraph, so i hope tht made sense. :)
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