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Sometimes the problem with receiving or setting my own NNR Challenges is that when i have those sort of definable goals, every day that goes by that I don't achieve them seems like a failure and when i do achieve them, they don't seem like accomplishments because i'll think to myself, "why did it take me so long to do that?"

For all intents and purposes, yesterday shouldn't be considered a *bad* DDR day for me... i improved my great count by ten or twenty on a bunch of tunes, got a couple new AAs, a new SDG. But there were also a lot of things that I tried to achieve that i utterly failed at, and that's usually what sticks in my mind.

In a way, it makes DDR less fun and more work, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In order to achieve, sometimes you need to do things you don't enjoy or work on things more than you want to in order to reach your goal. In the end i still have fun. I just need to make sure that the goals i set are broad enough that I don't hone in on a single thing and obsess about it. It's more important to AA all of the tunes with moderately okay scores than it is to be able to SDG one single tune.

there's a life analogy in there - something about how i generally deal with personal goals, the balance between how i get things accomplished without feeling like a faliure and disappointing myself, but i'm fekking tired and need to stop being motionless... i'mm tempted to take a nap, but i got about six and a half hours of sleep last night, and it annoys me that that can fuck me up, so i want to fight through in an effort for that to be my normal sleeping routine again.


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May. 26th, 2004 05:46 pm (UTC)
drum corps
Hello, I am a member of the Phoenix Drum and Bugle Corps (Div. 3). I found you through the drum corps interest link in your user profile. Phoenix is based in Brick, NJ.What I am doing is trying to recruit for Phoenix, because we really need to fill up more positions in the corps. We still have many horn line spots open, about 2 bass drum spots, and we need lots of people for the pit too. We also have one or two more spots open in the guard, but our biggest priority is the hornline. To be honest, we are pretty desperate. We have tons of fun (IM me or email me if you want to chat about the corps-TheSpinBich@aol.com)and we work really hard. We have managed to establish a name for ourselves throughout the past few seasons, and our staff this year is the best we've ever had. Our show is based on music from the movie "Life as a House" and visually, our show should be wonderful. We are actually building a sort of framework house on the field, and we are using ladders as props for soloists and whatnot. I joined the corps 2 years ago and though we are small and "only Division 3", we learn so much and have such a great time. I have never met a cooler group of people that are so accepting and friendly. We practice on Saturdays and Sundays only, with a few Fridays thrown in occasionally, so you can still have a job during the week. In late July, we go on a two-week tour to Colorado to perform in DCI Championships. Plus this year we will be staying in Denver to watch Div. 1 finals. It's going to be amazing! Our fees this year are 1000 dollars per member, but before you decide against it, let me assure you that there are plenty of fundraising activities, including sponsorship letters and working concession stands at Phillies games. The corps is always willing to help out with money and/or travel issues. Even if you play a woodwind and are willing to learn a horn, our staff can teach you. Plus, if you are in marching band, marching in a drum corps over the summer means you will go back to marching band incredibly tan, strong, and way ahead of where you were last year. The experience is great-please don't let this opportunity pass you by...we really NEED anyone who might be interested. If you are interested or have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly through my email and i can get you set up with the right people, or you can email:

-phoenixmph2003@yahoo.com or matt_hurley@medcohealth.com (matt hurley, the director)
-MMingle16 (our drill writer/instructor)
-teo3@Lehigh.EDU (our drum major, telly)

Make the effort and just attempt to get to ONE CAMP-I promise, if you show up to one camp, you will want to stay for the whole season. We work hard and we finally want to really make a name for ourselves...this could be that season to do it...we've got the show and the staff...now we need the people to show up and stick with it. Thanks for your time. You can email or IM me, or post in my livejournal if you have questions. Please please please help us out this season!
May. 26th, 2004 09:39 pm (UTC)
Re: drum corps
should've checked my age before ya spammed me. i aged out in 1996.

wish you luck, though. i think i might know matt hurley or have crossed paths with him once or twice. i know how tough it is to get off the ground as a divison corps.... worked with one many years ago.

May. 26th, 2004 10:57 pm (UTC)
I'm the same way... there are plenty of songs that I'd love to whore and AAA, but it would just be a lot of work with little reward. So instead, I'll chip away at other stuff, and when I come back to those tough songs, they're not so tough anymore :D
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