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everyone's doing it.

+09 Things you're looking forward to+

1. writing willamette's show
2. kim getting here tomorrow
3. getting out of this money rut
4. challenge part of the toast tourney
5. the next poker night
6. new season of justice league
7. upcoming farscape mini-series
8. sleep
9. emotional peace

+08 Things you Wear Daily+

1. usually my necklace of runes. out of comission at the moment
2. hair
3. shirt
4. sneaks or sandals
5. false happiness
6. a contradcitory open and closed aura
7. jeans or khakis
8. boxers usually
9. socks

+07 Things That Annoy You+

1. hypocrisy, esp. from myself
2. radio
3. politics of education and music education at so many levels
4. bad movies
5. infomercial-style adverts
6. anti-drug and anti-cigarette adverts.
7. inconsiderate people

+06 Things you touch every day+

1. keyboard
2. penis (my own, silly)
3. hair
4. cell phone
5. the lives of my students, hopefully
6. trackball mouse

+05 Movies you could watch over and over+

1. Memento
2. Iron Monkey
3. Transformers the movie
4. Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker
5. La Belle et la Bete

+04 People you'd want to spend more time with+

4 doesn't come close to covering it, so i'm not going to try to isolate it. i miss everyone - west coast, east coast, and midwest.

+03 Girls/Boys you have kissed+

1. Kim
2. Rebec'
3. Rani

+02 Of your favorite songs stuck in your head at this moment+

1. random stuff from 26 Mixes for Cash
2. More Deep

+01 Person you could spend the rest of your life with+

1. ask me after the summer. or earlier or later. who knows.


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May. 30th, 2004 08:41 am (UTC)
Ok, good, so I'll see you at Toast, good good. I was afraid you wouldn't be around still by then. :< <3 (this is like the second time in a row I've commented about you leaving.. heh XP)
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