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strong urges

i have a strong urge to play DDR tonight.

but i played for five hours wednesday and two and a half hours yesterday. i should really take a break, both for monetary reasons and physical limitation reasons.

although there's the lost and found sale going on at the break today. if i end up going to that, it's inevitable that i'll play a little DDR.

maybe i'll play a little, but just for fun, not to try to better anything.

or maybe i'll just play that tennis game.

my stomach is complaining to me. i kind of liked it better when i was too depressed and numb to be hungry. i don't want to eat, but if i don't, my stomach will feel worse. not sure what the best thing for my stomach is right now. if i stop by the EMU, i'll probably get one of those wraps from andrew smash. that was the first bit of food i ate a couple of days ago that didn't repulse me or make me want to throw up, and i think it helped me get back on a more normal psychological eating schedule (as in, i still neglect to eat sometimes, but not on purpose and not because food is repulsive).

shower, mail, brian, LCC, uhaul, emu. maybe i'll call kim in there somewhere.

hmm... that puts the emu last, though, which means i might not eat for a while. maybe i should restructure, or eat something in the meantime.

*heavy sigh* beh. *shakes head to snap out of it*


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