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online poker - and then some.

it's funny what i've discovered about playing yahoo texas hold 'em poker.

when i first started playing, i put myself in the social lounge and the beginner lounges. When i first started, i went up to $1200, but i think i had a lucky table - not meaning cards, but people.

after that, my luck took a turn for the worse and gradually over the period of maybe two weeks, my net dwindled down to about $100. At this point i was switching between playing in beginner and intermediate lounges.

then i decided, "what the hell" and went into the Advanced Lounge, and after two *sessions* of maybe two hours each, i'm now back up to $1100.

Moral of the story? i'm not good at playing aganst Casual Hold 'Em Players. People that raise the bet on the table to the maximum even if they have, say, 4-5 in the hole and the flop shows 10-K-A. by doing that, it makes it impossible for me to get a read on what they have, bluffing or no.

The smart thing to do in those situations is just fold if my hole cards suck, but of course i have a "i'm-not-playing-with-real-money" kind of mentality too and i'll stay in on those hands and i'll get creamed.

But the Advanced Lounge... it's more fun for me because i can fold or call or raise with more confidence. Even if people raise to the max on a shitty hand, i know that they're trying to bluff deliberately as opposed to just throwing a bet on the table.

it's kind of like the difference between playing a two-person fighter with a good opponent vs. a button masher. With the right fighting game, it can be easy for a button-masher to beat a good player if they know what buttons to mash or have a vague idea of what to mash to pull out that Special Move. And in a way, that makes me appreciate Mortal Kombat 3 more than Mortal Kombat 4 - in MK4, the max combo chain button sequence was the same for all of the characters, but everyone had a different finisher. But in MK3, everybody had a *completely* different max combo button sequence. I think i remember Maskless-Sub Zero's combo as being HP HP LP LP B, where as Reptile's was something like HP HK B LP HP, maybe. i don't remember.

But at one point i knew *all* of them. And it took work and practice to get good at the pacing of those combos and how to use them effectively against the opponent. And button mashers wouldn't be able to touch me.

hehe. i miss reptile. It was always fun to turn him invisible and start wailing on the guy because he had no idea where i was. Although he was stronger in MK2 than MK3. i remember that my favorite character in MK3 ended up being Jade because she had a cool looking max combo and it was hard to pull off. Plus her weapon rocked.

Too bad Midway decided to give up arcading the MK franchise. i kind of miss the button configuration and having to actually press a button in order to block. I miss the Killer Instinct series too. Glacius and Jago had some sexy moves in both KI and KI2.

anyway. i'm meandering and losing even more focus, so i think it's time to end this entry.

wow, i'm horny.


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Jun. 7th, 2004 11:59 am (UTC)
From someone that has played poker her whole entire life: In my opinion the problem with playing Texas Hold Em on yahoo is that no one really plays. They spend all their time raising, hardly anyone checks or calls. It gets annoying to someone who actually *wants* to play a real poker game online.

Pokerroom.com is such a better place to play Texas Hold Em. At least the people there pretty much know how to play the game correctly.

Anyways that's my 2cents.
Jun. 7th, 2004 12:04 pm (UTC)
yeah, that's why i started meandering to the advanced lounge, but i'll check out pokerroom. thanks for the info.
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