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when i was playing double heavily, i hit a point with the tune .59 where every time i played it i gos somewhere in the realm of 10-13 greats. I remember one period where i played it and i got 10 greats on it *every*time* i tried it - maybe four or five times.

The same thing is happening now with El Ritmo on single. I don't know how many times i've gotten 10g on that tune, but it's starting to annoy me. It'd almost be better if 10g was my best score, but my average score was in the 20g range, but nope. i'm pretty sure that out of the last five or six times i've played it in the past few weeks, my score has always been in the 10-14g range, usually in the 10-11g range.

i think i'm fixating on El Ritmo because even though it's more syncopated, it still feels like it should be easy since most of the tune is the same pattern over and over again. And if you took out the jumps in the tune, i bet i could make it my first AAA no sweat since 95% of the time i AAA the tune up until it starts adding jumps.

still, the last two times i played it, i *really* turned my brain on to what i was doing during the jump section to get all of those greats, and i think with just a couple more reps, i'll be able to do it.

not that i should be focusing on that, exactly, but it's an okay physical warm up tune and a great mental warm up tune.

on a slightly different note, AA challenges are a good thing for me, because for some reason that's the stuff i've been neglecting lately. I've been working heavily on shaving off greats on tunes that are 30 or less to... err.... less... and it's caused me to neglect the tunes that i actually Suck At. I think i need to balance a bit more on the "get more AAs" side of things for a little while.

shit. t.o.a.s.t. is in like... two weeks, and i've only played double once.

i'm changing my mind about Heavy - think i might actually enter just for fun. There's that evil part of my mind that wants to enter Standard so i can win that Ignitiion, but i can't in good conscience do that.


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Jun. 8th, 2004 01:23 pm (UTC)
I'll do my best in heavy, but I don't want to compete incredibly seriously. I don't feel prepared to pick songs against various people, plus I know there are folks who obviously gonna beat me... so, I'll treat my performance as I did at ED3... except now I have to really think hard about songs to play... and I'm so indecisive and unsure and I don't even wanna worry/think about it.. heh.
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