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iidx difficulties are silly.

i spent a bunch of time at tyler's playing iidx double, and it perplexes me that I can pass Indigo Vision on 14key on a first read (which is a 7 star tune), and yet i can't come *close* to passing Cheer Train on light14, which is a 5.

i'm starting to feel more comfortable reading 14key in general. I can pass most 4s, the occasional 5 or 6 and obviously one 7.

it's really about style. i have my weaknesses - long runs that run randomly across all 14 keys are hard for me to read, mainly because of spacing, although i'm getting better at it. Scratches that involve hitting a key at the same time is definitely a weakness. Scratches that are followed by a lot of notes in general are a weakness since on 14key after i scratch i have to reset my hand position back on the keys, where as in 7key i hardly ever have to move my hand position at all.

the thing that's really good about 14key is that it forces me to be hand independent in a way that 7key doesn't. Typically on 7key, "pattern" is on the left side of the keys (usually keys 1 and 2) and "melody" is on the right side, and it doesn't deviate from that much. On 14key, it's not uncommon for "pattern" to be first on the left 7 set of keys and then move to the right 7 set of keys (swapping with the melody).

anyway... yeah. some good stuff happened today. and tomorrow i play poker. life can't be all that bad, right?


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