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i have this plan....

... to transcribe a iidx tune from its 7key notation into music notation and then try to play it by reading the paper instead of looking at the screen.

not quite sure yet how i'm going to go about it. the instinct i have is to notate it from F to B on the G clef using sharps or flats, but that might get into too many accidentals that would make it hard to decipher.

I think i'm going to try an easy tune first. Something that immediately comes to mind is Beautiful Days. If i'm happy with how it goes, I might try to do something like Colors, because I have this idea that notating out the polyrhythmic responsibilities might make it easier for me to not break combo, even though i think it'll be harder to read the notes that jump around more randomly.

i said that i would start doing some packing about fifteen minutes ago, but i'mm changing my mind. i'm not mentally prepared. things are too hard. By starting to move out of here under these circumstances, i have to come closer to terms with the fact that right now i'm alone.

I think i'm going to go pick up the boxes at Laura's around 10pm, and then come back and do the packing. probably be up pretty late. too bad adult swim isn't on.



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Jun. 11th, 2004 10:20 pm (UTC)
Heheh, do the song Changes ;) hehehe

So... if you're going to do this on piano/keyboard, you should probably have something that would take the place of your scratch pad... :D (get a turntable XD Oh my god, that'd be great if you somehow pulled it off to match the music..)

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