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so it's official that all of my utilities and crap are turning off tomorrow.

going to break down my computer and such tonight or so.

i think i want to take the opportunity to... put a lock on my livejournal for potential restructuring of friends list and filters.

i'm not going to take anyone off the list except for maybe rhino since his lj is deleted anyway. the rest of you are still very important to me. I might take everyone off temporarily so that i can make some fresh filters, and then i might add a couple of more people i've discovered.

we'll see, though. the problem with going through such a restructure is that it means that for archival purposes i need to redefine filters as it relates to entries, and i don't want to do go through the pain of doing that. i might instead just deicde to... keep the filters that i have existing, but give them different names and try to apply them to slightly different circumstances than what they currently serve.

for right now, i'm going to give it all a rest. see you all in a few days, a week at most.

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