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i'm sure i've said this before.

but i'm still in constant appreciation.

for all of you who have given me support, both online and offline... thank you. your support has helped make this journey smoother. i love you all.

catching up, i *have* to give warm thoughts to certain people that in some form or another are also going through some rough times or just generally need support from what they've said on LJ or in person... i feel so guilty for not doing the best at keeping track, and i want to fix that.

warm thoughts go to:

abstracted for her birthday

c_wraith for job stress

camaroqt23 for mood swings

catbus for everything

diskozombie for job

dr4b for bemani social circles

eldoles for sister

jenni9 for dad

jess2002far for jealousy

kosmickalyx for egypt

mich1l for moving

eversorachel for interview

pearllessoyster for DCI

purple_thread for health

ritalin_rikku for roommates

scorppoett for her typing hands and so much more

silent_mistress for joe

smooth102 for moving

specter_13 for moving

spiffinfinate for DCI

terani for boy

varpulis for cheese

murderoftwo for More LJ drama

yookoso for piano proficiency

for all others... love also, and sorry if i missed anyone. stay drama free, or at least *seemingly* drama free, and you know how to reach me. no matter what i'm going through, i offer my support to anyone who wants or needs it.



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Jun. 15th, 2004 09:49 pm (UTC)

Don't worry. I know you totally appreciate my support, so you don't have to stress over the acknowledgement ty's.. :) Plus, ah, you should just save that stuff for when you see me in person. :D

Take care!
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