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i could give myself a lot of reasons why i sucked it up at double today. it's been a couple of weeks since i've tried to play double super seriously. it's been about six days since i've played DDR at all. i'm sick. i didn't have a lot to eat today. tyler's machine feels way different than the EMU, and i'm still getting used to it...when i played a few sets of double two weeks ago at the EMU, i got a few new Really Good Scores on double.

but if i was still a good enough double player, the different machines shouldn't make *that* much difference.

what it really boils down to is that i've really lost my PA skills on double from concentrating so much on single in the past couple of months. I'm hitting this point on single where I can understand why I get my greats - as in whether i step early or late. I've lost that skill on double. I was getting greats left and right, and i could have sworn i was dead on. Songs that i can typically get 15 or less on i was getting in the mid 20s or 30s for no good reason at all. If i play at the tourney like i did today, i won't make it past the second round.

so i have to make myself not play single at all this week except maybe to warm up. I need to relearn how to get my natural double skills back so that i can PA with confidence, because right now that confidence feels pretty shattered.

Little Po challenged me on NNR to pass two oni courses. I'm pretty close to passing Soul6, and i think i'm going to be using that to warm up a lot this next week.

What's weird is that i need to force myself to use the bar even on those opening standard songs because on easy tunes i'm actually PAing much better without the bar.

here's hoping i can make a lot of improvements in this next week. Whilst fighting being sick. Whilst unpacking. And finding a job. And writing the music for Willamette. And figuring out my fucking life.

whoo hoo.


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