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organizational tactics

there's a lot that's been happening in the past couple of days, and i've put some vague contemplation into how i want to share it on my LJ. The original idea was to create one entry with a lot of different LJ-cuts with categories, but i think it might be easier to split it up into separate entries - for my own sake as well as my Avid Fans.

This is part one, which will mostly be informational about the tourney itself.

The TOAST tourney ended up being an incvredibly huge event involving roughly 60-70 people over the two days, including people from Oregon, Washington, California, and Utah. It was *awesome* meeting new people and making a bunch of new friends.

Saturday was the day i was participating in. The morning tourney was the Heavy tourney, and I ended up getting a couple of decent scores. Carl and I played together first round, and our match was stupid close. I ended up winning against him by one great on each song, i think. I had to play Tyler second round, which was pretty awesome because we both knew he was going to win, so i felt no pressure at all. Very friendly match. I got 7g on Trip Machine Luv Standard to his 2.

On the loser bracket i played against Nathan, and our match was fucked up. The first song we played, the pads almost collapsed on us because one of the feet on the second machine got lost a while back, so that corner was being supported by two blocks of wood that kept on wiggling around. If we had kept that round, i would have beaten Nathan by 15g to 16g, but we were both freaking out, so we decided to play it again, and he beat me 2g to 8g. Second song i beat him because he's not good at slow crap and i chose Secret Rendezvous. Third song was Hysteria 2001, and i lost only because i got a pad boo that was pretty much my fault. I could have raised issue with it, but that's not the kind of guy i am, so i conceded the round and put myself out. *shrug* it was fun anyway, and Nathan was cool to play against.

Single took a long time - i think i was supposed to end around 2pm, but instead it lasted until 5pm. Towards the end, Angelo found me and Jeff and said, "it's already 4:30... i think we might have to cancel one of the events." The choice for cancellation would definitely have been double, which would have shafted people like me and Brian from Spokane since Double was the big thing we wanted to be a part of. But Jeff talked to the owner Mike and cleared it with him to stay past closing, so we were able to hold them both after all.

Because of that whole fiasco, my focus was pretty shot for a while, and i made stupid mistakes. I should have had 9g on the qualifier (.59 Standard), but i got four greats on the slow down at the end, so i ended up with 13g (i think... either 13 or 14), putting me in 8th place. Then in the first round, I did decent on HVAM light, and then *bit* it on Drop the Bomb standard with 22g, which again put me aruond 8th place.

In the second round, the three songs to pick from were Air Standard, Afronova Primeval Standard, and PYFIM Heavy. I put some serious contemplation into doing Afronova since it had twice as many notes as the other songs and it flowed really well for doubles, but at the last minute i decided to scratch it. I got a decent score on Air Standard, and i got a new personal best on PYFIM (4g) which ranked me 3rd in the next round.

In the third round, i played Irrestablement and read the ending completely backwards giving me 4 boos and two NGs. I got a decent score on Inesertion (getting only 1g on the weird tempo part after the freeze (i love you tyler!)), but i was still worried that i wasn't going to make it into the final four. Luckily, Brian from Spokane didn't do so well on Tsuguru, so i ended up getting fourth and advancing to the finals.

The final round, i played V oni, Colors oni, and Genom Screams. I made a dumb mistake on Genom Screams, but it didn't end up mattering because Tyler and Salimar were so above me in score and licyeus was so below me (i heard he didn't do so hot on Genom Screams), so i ended up getting 3rd place, and for the second time ever in a DDR tourney i walked away with a small profit.

After it was all said and done, i'm really happy that i made the format of Double the way it was, because it was really good for the community. If i had kept the previous format of the tourney, Double would have been a pretty small tournament of maybe 10 entrants, but because of the change, 18 people were involved, and that kicked ass. Mer got pretty far, and i think that if she actually practiced double on a consistent basis, she would have easily been in the finals. Carl and Travis fared well for themselves, and i think they enjoyed it. Travis developed more of an interest in double, and i think he's going to try to play it more, which is awesome... that's one of the reasons i changed the format in the first place - i wanted to get more people interested in it.

The experience makes me want to hold a Standard and Heavy double tourney at some point, maybe as part of the big Sight Read thing that Tyler and I are putting together, but i'll have to talk to him about it.

I'm going to have to write about Challenge in a separate entry. It will be a long one, and i've been writing for too long (partially because XJournal crashed on me once and i've had to redo this entry once). Time to zone out a bit... maybe work on another edit for the Sight Read tourney.


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